Follow Your Dreams


Dreaming is not just for the young. Regardless of your age, you are never too old to follow your dreams. When I’m 95 and living out the last few years of my life, I hope I’m still reaching for my dreams, and helping others reach for theirs.

Dreams come in all shapes and sizes, from short term dreams to heavy-duty-full-blown-faith size dreams. Dreams give us hope, purpose and motivation.

Some dreams are subconscious, and lay dormant until they bloom unexpectedly. They’re briefly spoken and forgotten about until they unfold. This happened to me with our house in Stonegate. I drove through when it was all decked out for the holidays and said, “I want to live here someday.” Five years later, as I was driving through my Stonegate neighborhood all aglow with lights, I remembered and it bought me such joy! Another time I said, “I want to sell luxury homes.” It wasn’t a wish, it was a simple, declarative statement. This week I closed over a millions dollars of real estate. When you make declarative statements about your dreams, and believe them, they will happen.

Some Dreams are so big and life altering you may be afraid to voice them for fear of being mocked by friends or your inner critic. Those are the dreams of whispered prayers when it’s only you and God. Then one day it pops out of your mouth in an unguarded moment and you know it’s time has come, you can speak it out, for it’s not too big anymore. It’s no longer scary, you are brave enough to release it, to dream out loud, and share it with your inner circle. As you work toward achieving this dream and it begins to unfold, you can tell anyone because you are confident in its success.  It no longer matters if everyone believes in your dream, it’s just you and God, and you press on. As the dream bursts forth, some may think it happened over night, but those are the ones who didn’t know its inception began in secret, decades ago.

My great big dream was becoming a Realtor®. Tonya dreamed about a higher education, Robbie and Bonnie dreamed about writing a novels, Jean dreamed about sharing her Scottish heritage through a devotional. I’m honored to be in the presence of those who are unsatisfied with the status quo, who are brave enough to reach for their dreams and have the tenacity to hold on tight until they unfold.

What about you? Do you still dream in the wee hours of the morning when you’re alone with your thoughts? What happened to your childhood dreams? It’s never too late. Reach for your dreams and grab onto them with a vice-like grip. With enough intestinal fortitude, prayer and perseverance, you can realize those dreams if you never give up.