It’s Tebow Time

Me & Grandaughter Kamy Tebow 1-13-12

I’m not a football fan, but I am a big Tim Tebow fan. Not because of his skill as a quarterback, but because of the bold way he shares his faith. I became a Tim Tebow fan when his controversial Prolife Super Bowl ad aired in 2010. So I couldn’t have been more thrilled when the Bronco’s chose Tebow as their first round draft pick.

It would be nearly impossible to find anyone who hasn’t heard of Tim Tebow – especially if you live in Denver. But Tim’s newfound fame hasn’t gone to his head. He continually gives praise to “his Lord and Savior Jesus Christ” and is quick to acknowledge the hard work of his teammates. I can’t think of another professional athlete with as much humility.

Tebow takes a moment to bow before the Lord, in thanks, after each touchdown. This action has been coined Tebowing. Now, due to Tebow’s unabashed faith, thousands pose on bended knee. Whether Tebowing is done in jest, as a ‘good luck charm’ or in true faith, it’s help raise awareness for prayer and God’s role in our lives (even football).

Tebow’s positive attitude has energized the Bronco’s and helped create the momentum that got them to the play offs. Even when Tim’s not playing, he’s encouraging others through The Tim Tebow Foundation, which exists to help people through tough times. Tim understands that God gave him this platform so he’d have the opportunity to help others.

Hundreds witnessed the halo over Sports Authority Field at Mile High last weekend. There are pictures all over the internet. Since Tebow’s life has been a miracle from the time of his conception, it’s not hard to accept this as just another miracle from “his Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.” In fact it could be God’s way of saying, “Well done, good and faithful servant.”


Justice has been served – Osama Bin Laden dead

President Barak Obama confirms that Anti-American terrorist, Usama Bin Laden, is dead. Geraldo Rivera delivered breaking around 9:24pm (MST) Sunday night. Geraldo gleefully clapped as he jubilantly delivered this news.  
Although I understand Geraldo’s feelings, I cannot rejoice in anyone’s demise, no matter how evil the man. Justice has been served in the death of Bin Laden; I am relieved, but I will not rejoice. This military operation demonstrates that America is a force to be reckoned with.
In his address to the nation, President Obama recognized the victims of 9-11, the unity of our country and the power of our military. America has never forgotten 9-11 and we never will. Bin Laden’s death will not ease our pain nor bring back the thousands of murdered fathers, brothers, sisters, sons and husbands.
Sympathetic terrorist cells worldwide will likely metastasize as they burn with revenge at the loss of their leader. America is on high alert.
Join me in prayer for our military overseas. Each and every member of our military is a hero. God bless our military for the sacrifices they make daily to ensure our safety and freedom.  God bless the families who lost loved ones on 9-11, may they find comfort in the justice that was served last night.
Join me in praying for our country, our great state of Colorado, the city of Denver, and our military on the National Day of Prayer.