Letter to God

Jan Parrish, (c) 2010
Dear God,
You do so much for me every day and I am full of gratitude. I have so many thankful thoughts sifting through my mind that I decided to write you a letter of praise.
Thank you for the gift of life, for telling me to go to the ER, and for giving me the strength to recover. Thank you for giving me the faith and fortitude to face two more surgeries. Thank you for the joy I have in you, despite my circumstances. 
Thank you for the dear friends and family who’ve brought meals, gifts, cleaned, and visited. Thank you for all those who prayed, sent cards, donated money and placed me on prayer chains. I am grateful and humbled by their generosity. 
Thank you for the teenager who sent $20 of her babysitting money to my fundraiser saying, “They need it more than I do.” Bless the struggling families who gave in spite of their lack. I am rendered speechless in the face of such generosity.
I’m so grateful for the letters you sent with money and gift cards. I felt your love in each envelope. Remember the day I prayed you’d send me some money and hours later one of your cards arrived?  Thank you for the generous souls who hear your voice and obey. Give them favor and blessings in miraculous ways.
Thank you for the wonderful friends who helped us move, some we didn’t even know.  Please bless them with good health and friends who stick by in times of crisis. Thank you for friends and family who sent notes of support, and for those who called right when I needed to hear an encouraging voice. 
Thank you for my mom, sister and husband who all took turns spending the night with me in the hospital, sacrificing their sleep so I could rest easier. Thank you for my precious family, who prayed with me before surgery, showered me with love during my recovery and for the strong bond we share. Thank you for an amazing husband who stood by my side without complaining and encouraged me when I needed it most. Thank you for our incredible children, and their wonderful spouses, who make me proud to be their mom.  Thank you for our beautiful grandbaby, who showers us with joy and helps us to look at life in new, exciting ways.
Thank you for sending such a skilled surgeon to operate on me, for his compassion and his expertise. Thank you for the infectious disease doctor who kept me from having allergic reactions to meds and reacted quickly when needed. Thank you for the amazing nurses who went beyond their call of duty to make me comfortable; and for the fabulous nurses in the infusion center who made an unpleasant experience bearable. 
Thank you for loving me in spite of my impatience, as my health improves and I try to do more than I should; for lifting my head and my spirits and reminding me of all you’ve done. Thank you for your blessing and protection during my health crisis, and for a life that has meaning, simply because you’re a part of it. 
Your grateful daughter,

Shackles by Mary Mary

I first heard this song on Deb’s blog. The first time I heard it, I wept. Powerful song. I know you’ll love it too.

I’m dedicating this song to my friend H. It even has a butterfly in it.
I pray it encourages you.

Thankful Thursday Thirteen #2

I feel incredibly blessed this Thanksgiving. God’s faithful hand is so very evident in our lives and family. This is not just a list, but a prayer of thanksgiving:

  1. Thank you for my husband and best friend. He works so very hard for our family, rising early and leaving home before I’m even up. Thank you for sending him to be my lifetime soul mate.
  2. Thank you for our beautiful children. You sent B to fulfill a promise and T was an additional blessing. They have enriched our lives in ways I can’t begin to express with their exuberance, love and vitality. What fabulous adults they turned out to be, in spite of our imperfect parenting.
  3. Thank you for our amazing son and daughter in law. Our kids chose their life mates well. Each wedding was wonderfully unique, reflecting their individual personalities. Bless their marriages. May they fall more deeply in love with each passing year.
  4. Thank you for my rich spiritual heritage in both my family and country.
  5. Thank you for Christian parents who raised me to know and love you.
  6. Thank you for an amazing MIL who raised her son to be strong and caring.
  7. Thank you for allowing me live right here, right now, in this time and place.
  8. Thank you for loving me in spite of my faults and sins.
  9. Thank you for speaking to me through nature- the clouds, a sunset, the wind in my hair and the fresh crispness of an autumn morning.
  10. I thank you that some times you give me things just to bless me – like the designer sunglasses I liked but could never afford.
  11. Thank you for allowing me to bask in your presence or merely sit at your feet.
  12. Thank you for your infinite patience, continually redirecting me.
  13. I am always amazed that I can talk to you at any time, in any location and you are never too busy for me. Thank you just for listening. Thank you for being my Savior and Lord. Thank you for being the Alpha and Omega. I love you so.

Do you want an amazing day? I’d like to challenge you to make your own Thankful Thursday Thirteen. It will change your entire day. Join me won’t you?