A New Pair of Shoes

I could have picked a better time, I should have picked a better day, but Friday was the sale at Famous Footwear and I really wanted to get these Sugarlicious shoes for my grandbaby.

Baby Blue Eyes was thrilled with the prospect of going shopping with Grammy. Grammy, on the other hand, was less than thrilled with going shopping so “late” in the afternoon. After all, it was 4:15. But I talked her into it.

“Mom, we need to get your shoes today because they’re on sale and it’ll be too crowded on the weekend. Plus, I want to get Kamy those cute shoes with the lights.” That sealed it – anything for Kamy.

I helped Mom and Kamy get into the truck. Kamy was fascinated with the stool Grammy used to climb into the Expedition and wanted to use it too. Once we were underway, Kamy said to mom, “Grammy, it’s hot in here. Roll down your window.”
“Roll down your window.”
“No, I don’t want to mess up my hair.”
A few minutes later, Kamy said, “I need my window rolled up. It’s messing up my hair.”

Once we arrived, the first item of business was to check shoe sizes. Mom went up a half size. Kamy’s feet are growing so fast it’s hard to keep her in shoes, which is fine with her because she’d rather go barefoot anyway.

We looked for moms shoes first. At eighty-two, she doesn’t like anything hip or “flashy.” I found some cute pink and brown Pumas, “What about these?”
“No, those are ugly.” she said.
“No, those are cuuuuuute!” Kamy said. We all laughed
“What about these for around the house?” I asked, pointing at some understated Dr. Scholl’s.
“What about these for around the house?” Kamy asked, pointing to some patent red pumps. She definitely isn’t into understated.

Kamy loved the stores bright red benches, which she called sponges since they have the look and feel of a sponge. She also enjoyed playing with the shoehorns and was doing her best to “measure” our feet with them.

It was an interesting dynamic, shopping with a toddler and a senior. Mom found a good pair of walking shoes and Kamy loved her sparkly new shoes. What I discovered is that it doesn’t matter if a woman is two or eighty-two, a new pair of shoes will make her day!


10 thoughts on “A New Pair of Shoes

  1. Jan,
    Your post made me laugh as I could see Kammy and your mom shopping with you. 🙂 Sparkly shoes with lights, yep she is your grand daughter. 🙂

    • Thanks, Darla. 🙂 How many grandbabies do you have? Are you caring for an elderly parent too? Many in my generation still have kids at home while caring for their parents. I’m blessed that I don’t have that added stress.

The righteous person faces many troubles, but the Lord comes to the rescue each time. - Psalm 34:19

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