Detour Ahead!

Every morning for several months, I’ve been walking on a trail by my house. While there are many different trails close by, this is my favorite. I recognize the dog-walkers, bicyclist and runners; we greet or nod to each other as we pass, sometimes more than once. I often wave to the elderly couple sipping coffee on their back deck. Further along the trail, twin labs hang over the fence and bark their greeting as I stride by. 

Several weeks ago, when I didn’t see my usual band of exercise enthusiast, I discovered the trail had become a construction zone. Undaunted, I took a minor detour and continued on my usual path. I knew the project would become a nuisance over the next few days, but I was determined to stay on course. Even though I could have chosen a different trail, I continued to walk down my usual path.
Now that construction is complete, the inconvenience is but a memory. I fully relish the smooth trail, skipping over each beautifully formed slab. I enjoy the trail even more than before!  But I miss my trail buddies. Where did they go? Did they see the detour as a sign they were on the wrong course?
This scenario caused me reflect on how much this is much like our personal journey. When life throws in a detour, how do you respond? Some detours are minor. Others are life changing, causing us to change course. Which detours delay you and which detours derail you?
*I am beginning a series on detours. I wrote this post before I spent 21 days in the hospital. I believe God was preparing me for my major detour I’m excited about this series. I hope you’ll click back and participate.

The righteous person faces many troubles, but the Lord comes to the rescue each time. - Psalm 34:19

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