Diagnosing Depression – Depression part 1

Right now in the US, more than 1 out of 20 adults are suffering from depression. These numbers increase in the low income brackets.  1 in 7 poor adults suffer from depression. With numbers like these, it’s likely someone you know may be suffering with undiagnosed depression. It could even be you. The symptoms of depression are as varied as the individual. Below are two fictional examples of women suffering from depression.

Lately, Barb feels like she’s just not herself. Everything she does requires herculean effort. Even basic tasks, like getting dressed and fixing her hair, take twice as long. When a simple task is complete, she feels drained of all her energy. Barb’s best friend told her to snap out of it and take charge of her life. But Barb is overwhelmed; she doesn’t know how to get her energy back. Her usual pickups (coffee and chocolate) are useless these days. As a matter of fact, chocolate doesn’t entice her, nor does eating. All she wants to do is sleep. Nothing interested her. She feels trapped, stuck and hopeless.

Jody is lethargic. She can’t sleep and isolates herself in her apartment. She turns to food for solace, and though it provides only temporary comfort, her only interest is eating.  She considers using drugs but doesn’t have the street smarts to obtain any. Jody is unemployed and days away from being evicted from her home.  Her mom just passed away and she periodically gets slammed with waves of grief.  The fact that none of her clothes fit her anymore depresses her further. Jody’s friends are worried that she doesn’t appear to care about losing her apartment. They’re also worried about her macabre Facebook status updates.  Jody’s best friend told her it was a sin to be depressed. Now all she thinks about is what a relief it would be to end it all.

Do you see pieces of yourself in Barb or Jody? Do they remind you of someone you know? Do you think you may be suffering from depression? Click here to take the diagnostic quiz.

Next:  Treating Depression
Click here to read about the symptoms of depression. 

The righteous person faces many troubles, but the Lord comes to the rescue each time. - Psalm 34:19

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