Where I’m From

I’m from a house built on faith. Women of strength, men of valor, Swedish Lords, gypsy migrant workers and Viking kings.

I’m from swimming in the Platte on hot summer days, minnows nibbling on my toes, “preaching” in grandpa’s country church, riding bareback on prize horses, catching frogs and fireflies, and dreaming in the branches of the tall oak tree.

I’m from church on Sunday, last ones to leave. Restaurant fellowship until late afternoon.

I’m from fearless yet terrified, jumping out of swings, jumping out of trees and jumping off roofs. Shy but boisterous, scared of the dark, covers up to my neck, defender of the weak.

From black and white televisions with rabbit ears, Laurence Welk, Star Trek and The Brady Bunch.

I’m from prissy hand-me-downs in terrible colors. Four-eyes, tall and lanky. Sitting on the back hill, planning life playing Simon & Garfunkel on my portable cassette.

I’m from blizzard country, no school days, hot chocolate, fresh cookies, Kraft macaroni and cheese, and wading in snow up to my knees.

I’m from the Mile High State, 360 days of sunshine, the Spirit of the West, hard workers, can do attitudes and Love Will Keep Us Together.

by Jan Parrish © 2010

I’m participating in a autobiography poetry contest by Chrysalis. Click Here for details. Contest ends tonight at midnight.

Pictured, Janet Hasselblad, Eighth Grade, 1977


The righteous person faces many troubles, but the Lord comes to the rescue each time. - Psalm 34:19

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