An Old Pair of Jeans and a Blog Post

Today I stumbled across an old pair of jeans. “These are about shot. Why am I hanging on to them?” I said aloud. I was that surprised.
It’s hard for me to find jeans long enough so when I do, I hang on to them until they disintegrate. I thought they were past the point of no return until I tried them on. Ahhhh. Now I know why I hung onto them. They slipped on like a second skin. The thighs are worn and there is a spot where a hole is forming, but now that they’re on, I realize how much I love a comfortable pair of faded jeans. I didn’t even know I was missing them.
Well, that’s how my week has been. I’ve gotten a lot done as I work towards my goal of cutting back and simplifying my schedule. I’m choosing key activities instead of doing everything. This week Joyce Meyer is in town with Delirious. They won out over Sheila Walsh who is in town the following weekend. Both are good, but both for me, would overload my schedule.
I’ve been so busy organizing, and creating my website, that I haven’t had time to write. So here I am, in my old comfy jeans and laptop, thinking about how alike they are. I’ve spent so much time with the new, that I almost forgot the comfortable old. To ensure the perfect balance, I need to keep submitting my schedule to Jesus and asking for guidance. He understands the things I need to replenish, even if they’re as simple as an old pair of jeans and a blog post.

The righteous person faces many troubles, but the Lord comes to the rescue each time. - Psalm 34:19

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