7 Tips for an Incredible Vacation with Your Spouse

After many years of marriage, we tend to approach things similarly. Yet on our recent trip to Seattle, the first thing my husband wanted was a nap.

“A nap?” My mouth fell open. Ok, he is sick. But, I want to explore!

Eyeing the spa brochure on the nightstand I said, “How about you take a nap and I’ll get a manicure.” Bingo! I usually don’t splurge on a manicure. Now we are both happy.

7 Tips for a Great Vacation with Your Spouse

  • Communicate – decide what you want to see or experience
  • Plan your schedule ahead of time – so you don’t miss things or are not rushed and don’t forget to plan relaxation time!
  • Plan for an unexpected stop or detour – like an unexpected trip to the pharmacy
  • Try new things – go to local spots and avoid chains restaurants. We stayed right next to a mall but didn’t shop because we can do that at home.
  • Give and Take – pretend you are dating all over again. Compromise.
  • Talk about new dreams and plans – leave the mundane stuff for later.
  • Turn off your email, Tweets, and Facebook notifications – just relax! It’ll all be there when you get home. Instead, make some great memories.

Our trip to Seattle was incredible. I was able to check two items off my bucket list. But most importantly, we had a chance to reconnect.

We’re already thinking about the next trip. I wonder where we’ll go next.


The righteous person faces many troubles, but the Lord comes to the rescue each time. - Psalm 34:19

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