Incest Part 5 – We are Not Alone

I’m humbled an honored by the women who contacted me privately to share their painful stories of incest. Unfortunately, we are not alone. There have been many before us and will be many after us. All we can do is help lead the way to freedom in Christ. We are united as survivors and sisters in Christ.

It’s my prayer that God will use my story to move you in the direction of healing. Perhaps you have a different story, but just as painful. Allow Him to perform spiritual surgery to pull out that festering splinter. It’s not an easy journey, facing and moving through all that pain, but you are older, wiser and stronger; and Jesus will be with you all the way. I started my journey at 40 and will be 45 in a few months. It’s never too late to reclaim your life. Shame and guilt held me in bondage; I wasn’t living my life to its fullest potential. Only Jesus could set me free.

I promise you, it will get easier the more you talk about it. I’m so sorry that you had to suffer like you did. I wish there was some magic cure, but the sad fact remains – the road to healing is slow and painful. Don’t try it without counseling and/or support.

If you’d like to be added to my daily prayer list for healing from incest or sexual abuse, please leave a comment, email, tweet (boldandfree) or contact me on Facebook.

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Stay tuned for Incest Part 6 – the Key to Healing


The righteous person faces many troubles, but the Lord comes to the rescue each time. - Psalm 34:19

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