Third Annual Breast Friends Day

Today we celebrated our third annual Breast Friends Day. To read the history of our event click HERE and HERE

We begin our celebration around noon, with lunch on the Patio of Yia, Yia’s. It was a balmy 72 – perfect for outside dining. Karen gave us each a breast cancer awareness pen to mark the occasion. The food was delicious food and the company was even better. I ordered crab cakes. It almost looks too good to eat doesn’t it?

We didn’t linger over lunch because we had some very important appointments. Just around the corner was Invision Sally Jobe’s beautiful new facilities. We checked in, selected our coffee and verified our medical information (in private cubicles). We were then directed through the doubles doors into the inner sanctum where we were greeted by a vivacious woman who gave us our heated pink robes and helped us select a locker for our purses. Everyone we met was simply fabulous, helping to make our Breast Friends Day especially pleasant. I had the pleasure of passing out chocolate to everyone – which was so much fun because no one was expecting it.

My X-ray technician was great at answering all my questions. I wondered about the amount of radiation involved in a mammogram. These new digital imaging machines are very low dose and the radiation exposure is comparable to one day out in the Colorado sun. The radiation from dental X-rays is far more extreme.
I was able to view my images on the monitor and they all looked good to my untrained eye – no spots or weird looking areas. Only one image had to be redone. This screening is not painless but necessary for maintaining good health. I was only sore for a few hours. Anyone who has suffered from breast cancer will emphatically remind you to get your yearly screening.
When I came out, Karen and Megan were waiting to be screened, so we stopped and posed to commemorate our event. Behind us is a vase marking over a million biopsies.
Please join us in our celebration of good health. Schedule your yearly screening today!


The righteous person faces many troubles, but the Lord comes to the rescue each time. - Psalm 34:19

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