I’ve Been Shot

I was shot on Saturday, around 3pm. In fact, I was shot twice with both the flu and DTap and now I’ve been running a fever for the past three days. Yesterday, I was able to get some writing done, but today I feel even worse and my fever is higher. The clinic says only .4% of people experience a fever over 100 and dizziness. I’ve chosen to vaccinate because of my problems taking medication. However, I’m rethinking my personal philosophy.

Because of the recent whooping cough outbreak, Kamy’s (my soon to be born granddaughter) pediatrician recommended that both parents and grandparents get immunized again. An adult can carry the bacteria without the symptoms of whopping cough. The center for disease control recommends immunizations for those ages 11-64.

I almost skipped my flu shot this year due to the mercury concerns, especially as the vaccination was rather ineffective last year. And then I remembered the winter of 1999 – when our family was gravely sick from the flu, ending with pneumonia and several trips to the hospital. With our first grandchild on the way, we didn’t want to take any risks. My clinic didn’t feel these symptoms are attributed to the flu vaccination, but the DTap.

The bad news is that my symptoms could last up to two weeks. However, it beats getting sick for up to three months. We immunized our children back in the 80’s because whooping cough kills babies. With whooping cough on the rise, the risks are greater.

My daughter, Bethany, and I are on the same page in regards to immunizations. Each immunization should be studied and the needs of every child taken into consideration. Some children are more sensitive to medication.

My kids had chicken pox the year before they came up with the vaccination. While it’s not a pleasant illness, I wouldn’t immunize for that. Additionally, I wouldn’t immunize my daughter with the Gardasil vaccination. Niki has a great series on her blog. Click here to read.

So what do you think about vaccinations? And how do you feel about the whooping cough booster for adults? According to this link, the greatest danger is in giving it to young children and babies. They assume anyone over the age of 64 has already had it. But what about my 23-year-old son and his wife or my DH? None of them can afford to miss work if they run a fever for 3 day and counting. I don’t think I’ve ever run a solid fever for this long in my entire life. My fever has not been normal since Tuesday morning. Oh, but I am one in 250. Aren’t I special? I’d rather be a little less unique.





14 thoughts on “I’ve Been Shot

  1. Well, let me be the first and possibly the only person to say that I’d rather deal with the illness than chance the side effects of a vaccine that has not been proven 100% effective even if you do take it, AND may cause severe illness, horrible side effects, and even death. Vaccinated people freak out on me because we choose not to vaccinate. I don’t understand the fear unless deep down they know they are still at risk even if they’ve been shot. I don’t agree with being vaccinated against diseases that are extremely rare in our country or in some cases, have been wiped out(not by vaccines btw). I also HATE the one-size-fits-all policy our government and the drug companies have adopted. I am a parent of a child who had very adverse reactions to vaccines as a baby. We stopped immunizing all three of our kids after I did some research on what vaccines contain and the possible side effects. My child is not an “acceptable loss”, and there is a reason we have a National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program in the U.S.We think, study, and debate about everything else. Why would we just accept what we’re being told about vaccines without digging into some research of our own? I would strongly urge everyone to do their homework before making the decision whether or not to vaccinate. This is a personal decision and should be made without coersion either way. Check out http://www.nvic.org and http://www.vaclib.org for info.or just google the word “vaccine.” The number of websites is astounding. My stance is anti-vaccine. But please…Read. Pray. Decide. Love those who decide differently than you do. This can easily be a divisive topic and who needs that?Jan I am really concerned that you were given double doses. Why??

  2. One more thought for my anti-vaccine case. I’m presenting fact, not coercing. lol It has taken YEARS, but the government has finally conceded in a case linking vaccines to autism. There have been at least 10 deaths and over 3,000 severe injuries reported directly linked to the Gardasil vaccine this year alone. The ingredients in the Flu shots are scary. It’s kind of like hot dogs. People eat them but they don’t really want to know what all is in them. 🙂

  3. I hope and pray you’ll feel much better, soon. We have vaccinated our children, but as I grow up and read more, I am not that favorable because the data is not decisive. Unless a flu is potentially life threatening, I believe it is best to fight colds and flu with homeopathic remedies, lots of oranges and apples, vitamines and echinacaea.

  4. Thank you dear Jan for bringing this to everyone’s attention, and especially the younger folks. Hubby and I are on our way this morning to get the flu shot as the flu is something I hope to never go through again. Please take good care of yourself. xoxo Mollye

  5. We vaccinated all our children….except our last one had a very strange reaction that took steriods to stop when she was a baby. I am hoping to find a DR. that will allow me to choose the ones we want and do not want. We never get the flu shots.

  6. I’m sorry you are feeling so bad, dear Jan.I used to work for the Health Department. It was my job to convince people of their need for vaccines. I gave babies their shots and held flu shot clinics. I received stats on the adverse reactions, side effects and deaths in newsletters. But the spin was always put on the benefits vs. the risks. Kids die from polio, HIB, etc, etc. Or they might die from the shot. When my kids were born, I had them get all the shots because it was what I thought was the right thing. Although I did make them wait on the Hep B shot. They want to give it so early!But since then, I have done as you and Niki suggest and have researched further. I don’t get the flu shot because of the information I dug up on the CDC site. If I could do it again, I wouldn’t get my kids the chicken pox or the Hep B vaccines. But I would get the polio, HIB and DTaP. Polio was a terrible, tragic thing and I’m grateful for what immunizations have accomplished. I’ve seen people with tetanus – it’s all over the place in countries that don’t immunize. Tragic and horrifying.I’m not going to get them the Hep A shot. It is ridiculous to immunize for something that can be totally prevented by hand-washing!! Unfortunately, we can’t control or know who washes their hands!I won’t do the cervical one either. Why vaccinate for things that can be prevented other ways? That just shows our growing lack of responsibility in general.So, I agree that people should do their research. Don’t just listen to opinions and health care workers; dig. And then way the risk vs benefits for yourself.I’ve had the flu and it turned into pneumonia. It’s the sickest I’ve ever been in my life. But I’d rather risk the chance of that again than the risks of the vaccine. That’s my personal choice. But I certainly understand why other people choose to get it. Timely topic, Jan!

  7. I hope you feel better Jan. I know you want to hold Kamy as soon as she arrives.Really interesting topic. I got the flu shot last year and may do again this year. But the reason I did it was because of Noah. My son has asthma and his big trigger is getting a cold. If he got the flu, we’d be in the hospital very quickly. So he gets a flu shot and I usually do it with him.We haven’t done it this year yet, but I have been thinking we need to get down there.As for immunizations, I would really rethink everything if I had a baby now. Kay’s advice seems logical and well thought out. The link between autism and immunizations is so scary.Get well, my friend!

  8. I hope the beautiful, crisp, cool snow helps you take your mind off of your searing fever and that you feel better today! I am going to get a flu shot, but only because I have kids in the house that need their Mama and I the idea of the flu on top fibromyalgia is inconceivable. however, I don’t believe I would get it if I had different circumstances. As always, thanks for making us think!

  9. Niki, I got both Flu and DTap. I am on Day 4 of running a fever – no other signs of illness. Dizziness, fever lethargy. I won’t recommend this shot to anyone who hasn’t been exposed to whooping cough and isn’t leaving the country.My grandfather was permanently crippled from polio. Then he had another related issue later in life. I agree. Research is imperative. If I’d read up on the DTap first, I wouldn’t have gotten it.

  10. My stance is to pick and chose. I also think that if kids are in daycare, they need to be more careful.Let’s also not forget that for some, the flu can be deadly. If you have had a bad reaction to immunizations in the past, its best to avoid them. Watch your children carefully. I knew a family who had 10 children and they all got whooping cough. We didn’t see them for 4 months as it ran through the entire family. The parents got it even though they’d been immunized.Mel – tell the doctor – don’t let him tell you. If he or she is a jerk about it, find a new one. You might want to question the doctor ahead of time.

  11. Kay – I think we feel very much the same. Though I respect all decisions. It doesn’t have to be an all or nothing issue.Mollye – I think if you’ve had the flu in the past and got very sick from it, I would do the same. Pneumonia shot as well.Robbie – I also feel anyone with a compromised immune system needs to be very careful. I have a week immunity due to severe allergies so I get the flu shot. My Dad has asthma and is prone to bronchitis so he always gets a flu shot. Karen- I feel you are making the right decision as you have a compromised immunity with your illness. The snow definitely cheers me up!Joanne – thanks for the prayers. I am going stir crazy here. I can’t wait to get out. My fever is lessening. Perhaps tomorrow.

  12. Oh Jan, you poor thing. I hope you get better soon. I work in a doctor’s office and so many people get flu shots. I have not had one yet and don’t intend to at this point. I don’t have to get the pertusis immunization because Grayson and I got it about four years ago! It was crazy, just him and I. They said my vacination probably wore off and they learned that a batch of the vacinations that was given to children his age was no good so there was a breakout. Any way, I am with you, I do not think I would give my daughter the Gaurdisil shot. I would teach her just like my sons, stay pure until you are married. I am leary of new vaccinations, I don’t think there has been enough studies done on them.

  13. I chose to have my kids immunized, but I can understand why others choose not to. I hope you get to feeling better soon!!

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