My Name is Johnny

My name is Johnny. God created me with an analytical mind and a desire to solve problems. It was my destiny to cure cancer.

My mother’s voice was everything to me. My life was full of hope, promise and love. And then one day I heard her cry out in fear and pain. I felt my world shifting, and then an intense pull. A violent, searing pain exploded through my frail frame. Suddenly, I was cradled in the palm of my Savior’s hand. I felt His tear on my cheek. When He spoke, I recognized His voice, and I knew I would never hear my mother’s soft voice again.

I see the guilt and pain my mother carries along with the secret of me. I feel her love, even if she is unable to feel mine. Although Jesus has forgiven her, she cannot forgive herself. I wish someone would have told her my life was not her choice, but God’s.

My name is John Doe; I was aborted on February 14, 1978. I would have cured cancer.

By Jan Parrish, Copyright © 2008 Jan Parrish

Photo by Tonya Vander, Copyright © 2008


21 thoughts on “My Name is Johnny

  1. Wow, that gave me goosebumps. The ads that are on TV that are pro Abortion are older women in their 40s and it really bugs me because the average age group of women who have abortions is unwed teens. It just steams me. They also very rarely say the word abortion, they say “choice”. They can’t even say the word. Great post Jan. I am so thankful that the Lord forgives and that the little souls that were taken get to live forever in heaven with Jesus and hopefully they will reunite with their mothers. Hugs, Sharon

  2. What can one say to that? So true. So disgusting people think murder is okay.Anyway, Jan, check out this link about Obama and his inability to prove he was born in the US. Obama, who thinks murdering babies is okay., check out my blog. I’m doing the political thing now. It’s become a moral crisis and a freedom crisis. Thanks for taking the lead and being so outspoken about the nefarious nature of this election.

  3. Let me try this again. Jan great post. Have you been to the motherhood interrupted website?It’s a great place for post-abortive resources. motherhood interrupted

  4. I already left a comment on this one, but just wanted to pop in to say hello and hope you have a terrific week! God bless you Jan Parrish!Sharon

  5. I just found your blog on BATW, and I have to say I think what you do, what you write, and what you stand for is beaufitul.

  6. Take heart Jan. Our true identities as God’s children are spiritual. Therefor they are indestructible. Johnny lives on, though perhaps not in this realm. And the cure for cancer is faith in Him. If that weren’t so, I’d be dead already like the doctors predicted.

The righteous person faces many troubles, but the Lord comes to the rescue each time. - Psalm 34:19

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