Saving $ on Date Night

Last weekend when we went to see Ghost Town, we nearly chocked on our soda to discover tickets were $10 a piece. So this weekend we went to a twilight showing. Our local theater charges $5.50 for movies playing during the traditional dinner hour. Now that’s more like it. (I remember movies playing for $2.75 when I was a kid.) Matinees are $7.50 and shows before noon are $5. What are movies running in your area?

When Night in Rodanthe let out, it was a beautiful evening so we went to Qdoba and ate chicken salads on the patio. We were the only ones on the patio. The clouds were doing that beautiful Colorado cloud dance, threatening to rain but only teasing. It was an ideal night for an outdoor dinner, 75 and not a lick of breeze. I love this weather!


9 thoughts on “Saving $ on Date Night

  1. Our problem is finding someone to be with the kids. While they might be old enough to be left alone, they really need a referee! I really would love a date night, though. Hubby owes me a date downtown Denver.

  2. Kay, when are kids were early teens, we would pay them to behave themselves while we were gone. If there weren’t any problems, we gave them each a small amount as a reward.You could try it for dinner and work your way up to dinner and a movie.:)

  3. It sounds like a wonderfully romantic evening! I remember when movies were around $2.00 or so. We have a $1.50 movie theater, but they show movies that are about two months old, but I don’t might waiting! :0) Sharon

  4. movies here cost P120-150 or about $3.. hope you had fun..please visit my wordless wednesday.. its up already.. i will not be able to log in tomorrow (Oct 1, 2008)thats why i’m visitng all you guys today..My entries are here and heresweet..pretty..naughtyMemory FilledSweety tots

  5. We went to a 4:10 showing of Fireproof last weekend and it was $9.50 each. We live near West Palm Beach, FL. We wanted our marriage Bible study group to go see Fireproof togther, so it was worth it. But usually we wait for it to come out on Netflix.

The righteous person faces many troubles, but the Lord comes to the rescue each time. - Psalm 34:19

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