Are You Serious?- WW

High Heeled shoes for infants. Really?
If you’d like to check out the site, click here: Heelarious!


26 thoughts on “Are You Serious?- WW

  1. lol… looks cute though happy ww! my wordless entries are herehappy ww! my entries are here

  2. ridiculous, I was actually going to do a blog post about these shoes myself a while back, but never got round to doing it. But I could rant on and on about crap like this for babies.The worrying thing is, people actually seem to be buying them …. Eeek!!

  3. They actually make me a little sick. Too much, too soon. Whats wrong with keeping a baby a baby and keeping them all sweet and innocent? Yikes!:0) sharon

  4. Wow – what they won’t think of next. I’m with the rest – I like the cute soft baby booties and shoes. Are you going to get some for the new grandbaby???Smiles.

  5. Well Jan, you may be right. Anyone that would purchase those for a baby *would* invest in a box of thong diapers. I’m not amazed nor amused, I think they’re horrible. What next, a stipper pole in the form of a walker. Deb

  6. Deb- yes, very sad. Don't give anyone idea's.Shannon & Sharon – yes indeed. It takes away the innocence of childhood. Posh – I know. As perhaps someone will buy them from this posting. :(Rambling Woods- yes, unfortunately, they are for babies.Russ – well said. AND JUST IN CASE ANYONE IS WONDERING – I WILL NOT BE BUYING THEM FOR MY GRAND BABY!

  7. Not for my baby. Course my babies are big kids now, but not those heels; not while little bones and ankles and souls of feet are being formed. Cute idea, but not for me. Kathi

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