The Pictures Say It All – WW


32 thoughts on “The Pictures Say It All – WW

  1. I guess you could take this either way… But I’m going to guess, based on the rest of your blog, that you’re not supporting bike-to-work for the benefit of the environment…

  2. I don’t know. It doesn’t say much about her repeated lies about being against big government when she repeatedly lobbied for earmarks for her state, including her support of the Bridge to Nowhere, which she continued to support until she could divert the funds from it elsewhere.It doesn’t say much about her efforts to get people fired for personal reasons. I’ve had many people say to me that is Sarah Palin is an example of a good Christian, then they have no interest in Christianity. It makes me really sad.

  3. God, I hate election years. Dog and pony show politicians invoking God’s name makes me ill. When are Christians going to learn to truly render unto Caesar the things that are Caeser’s and leave His name out of their political agendas?

  4. Stan – The photo is not me. It’s Sarah Palin, who is running for VP with McCain.Rizza – The first picture is Sarah Palin and the second is supposed to be Obama. Napa – yes, I would prefer the motorcycle as well.Munchkin – great idea. Probably get there a lot faster too.Erica – true but more dangerous as well.Gallicissa- it would be interesting to see an entire fleet of secret service on bikes along side him. :)Flea – I agree. Sarah rocks.Irene – thanks. I’d love to see you again.June – I know. I was actually not 100% sure it was him either. M3 – I fully support biking to work – motorcycle or mountain bike. This is more of a profile on personality and style. Orient – Unfortunately you’ve been listening to the unsubstantiated lies from the liberal biased media. Kathi – we’ve had so many fatal accidents out here, my DH calls them donorcycles. My son was nearly killed on a bike twice so we don’t ride them.Terrie – I agree. It’s about time we have a real woman running for office! Randall – I don’t understand your anger. Both parties claim faith; and it is through that faith that they will make decisions which will effect the entire nation.Do politicians lie? Yes. Now we Americans must determine who is genuine. Back to back party conventions was a bit overkill even for me and I love politics.

  5. Munchkin and Farrah – Thanks for stopping by. I want the cool one in office too. Dawn – I love your summation. 🙂 LOLSharon – She hunts caribou, fishes, and shoots.I wouldn’t be surprised. I just love her boldness and the role model she is for women everywhere.

  6. Hi Jan, are you a ‘biker chic?’ Perhaps if I read more of your blog I could find out.I did read enough to see that you read Paula’s writings in her Grace Reigns. I get her newsletter also.Sorry I didn’t get back sooner, we are preparing for Huricane Ike around here. It should come right over us, we are 60 miles north from the center of Houston.Happy (late) WW!..

The righteous person faces many troubles, but the Lord comes to the rescue each time. - Psalm 34:19

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