Coffee & Writing

Ahhhh. The smell of coffee is both relaxing and inspiring. I’m at Caribou Coffee with fellow WTFJ writer Danica Favorite. After our morning writers meeting and lunch out, we carved out some writing time. I actually like their coffee better than Starbucks. Don’t tell my fav SB barrista’s that!

After searching the blogs, I’m a little distracted by the patrons. Danica and I are actually attempting to write (Seriously, Robbie, we are!). A balding man in in the west corner thinks nothing of having a loud conference call. A younger man in the opposite corner is steadily writing with pen and paper – you don’t see that too often. By the door is a middle aged freethinker (judging by his outfit) with an Ipod, laptop and straw hat. In the comfy chairs are three boomers, loudly chattering about everything from house to gas prices. Sounds like they might be conducting an informal sales meeting.

Danica and I are working towards our goals set in this mornings meeting. One of my goals is to draft a childrens book. This is a new step for me, though I’ve been writing childrens books since I was a kid. When my kids were young, I found Christian books written for their age group very legalistic, so I bought secular books and added spiritual truths in the margins. I’m just beginning this journey, so if you know of any great resources, I’d appreciate it.


9 thoughts on “Coffee & Writing

  1. Great something to do Jan, I tell myself that I could right a book, maybe I’ll try it someday. I say that it will be about some Christan woman trying to escape the ills of the world. Deb

  2. It was very fun! So glad we had that time together.And that guy with the conference call was absolutely ridiculous!! Why on earth would you go to a public coffee shop to have a conference call on what sounded like pending litigation? Glad I’m not his client.

  3. I am so impressed with you Jan (and a little jelous!)!!! I have always wanted to write a childrens book, but I just don’t have the gift. You go girl! I like your pictures, you look really pretty!Hugs, Shar

  4. The greatest resource for children’s material is ….Children.When I was in CO, we had a huge fun meeting of the minds outside a Starbucks. If we had been indoors, we probably would have distracted some well-intentioned writer. 🙂

The righteous person faces many troubles, but the Lord comes to the rescue each time. - Psalm 34:19

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