Shoe Fashion Show – 300th post

Deb at Debs Country Kisses is having a fashion show on her blog. I’ve added another category – Shoes! Below are pictures of my fav summer shoes.

These Sketchers are my fav for walking around town.
The heel has a hole through it and is 100% cush.
I love their fabric lining.
A great deal at Kohls.Below are my very favorite.
I wore these at my son’s wedding.
Unfortunately, they aren’t as comfy as they are pretty.
These are the shoes I bought for my daughters wedding.
I love the lace detailing and the gemstone embellishment.
The nearly 4″ heels practically killed me.
These are Sofft brand. Extremely comfy.
Leather insoles with leaf imprints.
The straps have leaves on them as well.
These are Keens. Great support, water-proof, and all terrain
for hiking the Colorado back country.
Awesome summer slippers -JcPenny
These are also Soffts.
I love the deep red color and the strap around the back.
If you’d like to be a part of the fashion show
stop by Deb’s and leave a comment.
Let me know too so I can be sure and check it out.

12 thoughts on “Shoe Fashion Show – 300th post

  1. Ooooh…your pretty toes make me want to get a pedicure! If any of my friends were to do a shoe fashion show, it would be you Jan. You shoe diva you! πŸ™‚ (I love the strappy red ones.)

  2. Mel – Be sure and link with Deb. She’s doing Fashion Fridays.Kay – Nordstrom’s and Zappos. Nordstrom started out as a shoe company and expanded from there. If they make it in your size, you can get it there. is so easy and the shipping is free. I order a lot from them – I also return a lot and they don’t seem to mind. I think you’ll be pleased with both of them.Niki – I did my own pedicure. With the money I saved, I should be able to buy another pair of shoes. πŸ™‚ Time to think about Fall shoes.Deena – you’d never know these dogs are a size 12. πŸ˜‰

  3. Hello, I found you through Blogs around the World. I am from Missouri but have always loved Colorado, it is such a beautiful state. Thanks for the footwear fashion show – loved it.You have a wonderful blog. Just wanted to drop a comment and say hello.

  4. I love my Shoes from Sofft, they are the only brand of dress shoes that I will ware all day. This the style I just bought isSofft Caitlyn – Black

  5. Deb – I guess I’ll have to do fall shoes next. This is so much fun. Great idea. Kathy – so glad you stopped by. Come back again.Sharon – πŸ™‚ In real life they are big but they match the rest of me.Posh – ahh, you love shoes too! Kate – those are cute but too high a heel for me. Besides, I’m 5t’11” – I don’t need the inches.:)

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