Please Pray For Baby Jake

This is Baby Jake, my great nephew. He is only three years old and is having transplant surgery today. His Mama, Heather, is donating one of her kidneys. Please pray for Jake, Heather and the entire family. If you’d like an update on the progress, click here.

Please help me get the word out and post this on your blog. Thanks.


11 thoughts on “Please Pray For Baby Jake

  1. Yes, Jan, I will pray for baby Jake. I will add him to my prayer list along my side bar too. Hugs, and prayers, Kathi

  2. The slide show did not come in for me, all I saw were three Xs, but I will pray. God bless their whole sweet little family.

  3. I read about baby Jake on Dawn’s blog. I am going to say a prayer that God will hold him in His hands and keep him protected and well. He is such an adorable, little boy and he is a perfect example of why those of us with healthy children should feel blessed and thankful everyday.

  4. Just an update: Heather and Jakie are doing really well. The kidney is in and functioning well. Thank you so much for your prayers. Very smooth operations. Praise God.

  5. Please continue to pray for heather. She is not able to keep anything down yet. Jake is doing well, sore but feeling sooo much better with his new kidney which is working so well. He needs continued prayer that his body will not reject this new kidney.

The righteous person faces many troubles, but the Lord comes to the rescue each time. - Psalm 34:19

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