S.A.D. -When The Sun Refuses to Shine

Summer is waning and our long summer days are getting shorter. How I love summer – even when it’s really hot. One of the reasons I love summer is the daylight. I especially love long summer nights when the sun doesn’t go down until nine.

I find the dark dreary days of winter depressing. I suffer from S.A.D. (Seasonal Affectation Disorder), what used to be called the winter blues. Ironically, I only just learned of it this past winter. But what a relief to know others have the same condition. I used an online test similar to this and did some research. However, by the time I was informed, spring was here and my mood dramatically improved. This fall, I plan to be more proactive so I can feel better in spite of the lack of sunshine. Thankfully my new car has a sunroof and I can go outside and enjoy the sun even when it’s cold.

I believe this is something I’ve struggled with my entire life. When Greg and I first married, he was in the Navy and we were stationed in Norfolk, Virginia. Our first three weeks there, it rained and the sun never came out once. In Colorado we have nearly 300 sunny days a year so I was ill prepared. I had a similar problem when we lived in Napa, California. Rain is fine as long as a rainbow appears and the sun follows.

A small percentage of those who suffer from S.A.D. manifest symptoms in the summer. My dear friend Kay has this. Read more about it here and check out her latest blog entry here. Stop on over and give her some blogging love, she could use the encouragement.

My need for the sun got me thinking, how would I ever make it through winter without the Son? He is the one who directs my medical treatments, whether I chose traditional medicine or natural and He is the one I turn to when the sun refuses to shine.

Pictured above: Jan Parrish, April 2008, Turning Towards the Sun

15 thoughts on “S.A.D. -When The Sun Refuses to Shine

  1. Jan, I think I suffer from this to a certain extent…or it could be that going from California to Denver in the middle of winter is still haunting me. Kind of like Post Tramatic Weather Disorder. Yea. Maybe I have PTWD and not SAD. I don’t know. But I love the sunshine and warmth and even today I am a little fearful of next winter. Good post!

  2. A friend once changed the spelling of a word in a popular old Beatle’s song and sang this to me:”But tomorrow may rain, so I’ll follow the SON.Sounds like a good plan.A prisoner of hope,Megan

  3. Knowing you the in the last year and how sunny your disposition is, I hope that we have a lot of sunny days this winter. I love to see you smile. 🙂 Great post.

  4. Must also chime in on the photo – I love it!Depression is tough not matter when it hits. I suffer from major clinical depression which is 24/7 year ’round. Praise God for modern medicine and the fact the subject of depression is not so taboo anymore in Christian arenas.

  5. Oh Jan, I am so sorry you suffer from this. My Aunt suffers from it too. She goes to Arizona for the winter. I know you follow Jesus, and He directs you in the best way. I believe, ‘To each his own.’ I believe there is not just one way to deal with SAD, but there is ONE person, Jesus who shows us how much He loves us and helps us find ways that alieviate these kinds of things. You are a dear sister. I know you already probably know this information. I’m just repeatin’ Hugs, Kathi

  6. You look gorgeous in that burgandy color!I used to think I suffered from S.A.D. but latterly, it hasn’t been a problem. (Our living room walls are yellow, so maybe that helps!) Sometimes I buy full-spectrum light bulbs, and I notice I do get a boost when I read next to one. Thanks for all this information. Good to think about again.I hope you’re feeling GREAT today, thanks to the SON.Hugs!

  7. I know a few people who suffer from SAD. I think I can get a little that way and I do noticed how much a sunny day really improves my mood. I live in rainy Oregon, but we do get lots of beautiful sunny days even in January. I am a true Oregoneon and love the rain, especially the first rains, but by the middle of winter I need some sun. I try to get out in it for 20 minutes because that is supposed to help. I’m glad you have figured it out and will be proactive. Hugs, Sharon

  8. Jan! Buy an Ott light! Seriously! Like e-mom says, the full spectrum bulb. They’re expensive, but worth it. And if it’s a medical condition, check into what the doctor and insurance recommend and cover.

  9. Here in Alaska I see this a lot…it’s dark most of the winter. I have a friend who got one of those special lights. Put it right over the couch in the livingroom. It’s darn bright in there, but it helped her whole health. I don’t suffer as she does, but I do have every light in the house burning all winter long. I realize our $400 electric bills are mostly my fault, but it keeps me smiling more.

  10. I need to see the light, but the HEAT of summer depresses me. I can’t handle Oklahoma summers well. I prefer cool days, with snow reflecting the sun. (like on my blog notes: Be the Moon. Reflect the SON.)I like Robbie’s PTWD. Mine is Pre, not Post… I get headaches when the pressure is going to change.

  11. Hi Jan, that’s a beautiful picture of yourself. Your hair is very pretty. You’re right about the Son, I’m glad he continues to shine. P.S. Polished Chrome?

  12. I also deal with SAD…but I’m enjoying being in VB…there’s more warmth in the sunshine here than there was in Montana!

The righteous person faces many troubles, but the Lord comes to the rescue each time. - Psalm 34:19

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