Record Breaking Heat – 104!


I knew we were in trouble when my car temp registered 100 and it felt a lot cooler. This is our second day of record breaking heat. We have a *big* cool down tomorrow, taking us out of triple digits. People get crazy in heat like this.

Looks like on Tuesday we might drop our running record of consecutive days over 90. We are up to 21 days now. I’m ready to let it rest for another year – decades from now. What about you? How are you staying cool this summer?


8 thoughts on “Record Breaking Heat – 104!

  1. Our high yesterday was only 88 degrees, but the humidity was like at 91%. Craziness! I could barely breath out there. I am staying cool by staying inside as much as possible and dreaming of fall weather. šŸ™‚

  2. We have had a month of over 90, and several days over 100. Nothing record-breaking, though. The only solace for you is that I bet it is not so humid in Colorado as it is in Oklahoma.I despise summer. I prefer fall. Balmy temps, and light breezes.

  3. We’re just staying inside in the AC. Trying to rest my knee.Looking forward to cooler weather.(I posted about Jakie today).Hugs.

  4. It ended up being 103 here today, so I guess it was cooler. šŸ™‚ Dawn- I think I’d rather have the ‘dry heat’ than the muggy temps. Charlotte – I’ll bet you would. 88 like where Dawn lives would feel rather cold to you. Colorado usually doesn’t see that many days with temps over 90. Many people don’t even have AC.Chelf – I’ll take the heat with summer ’cause it gives me long days with lots of sunshine, which I love.

  5. I am SO thankful we don’t have humidity! I would move if we did.The sun gets on my nerves. I can’t wait for a gorgeous cloudy day!We did buy a little room AC yesterday. It isn’t like central air, obviously, but it does take the edge off.

  6. We are used to 104. Last year we were only over 100 twice, and it was so confusing. This year we are hovering around 103 again, and life is back to normal. Last week was oddly hard. We had storms move through three nights in a row, so at 10 am, when it was 95, the humidity was still around 70%. THAT was miserable. You couldn’t even sweat. It just felt oppressive, but today we were around 105 with only 30% humidity, and I sat on the deck and had a soda pretty comfortably.HOWEVER, I’ve also lived in Texas my whole life. We are praying for y’all because I know this is a shock to you, and I can only imagine how utterly miserable it is.

The righteous person faces many troubles, but the Lord comes to the rescue each time. - Psalm 34:19

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