13 Great Summer Reads

  1. Searching For Spice by Megan DiMaria

I love that a woman my own age is the main character- it’s a breath of fresh air. Linda’s thoughts and feelings so closely mirrored my own; I had to take a break to reflect on some of them. What insight! I am amazed that this is Megan’s debut book. She turns a phrase with such a creative flare you’d swear she was a multi-published author.

  1. Once Upon a Prayer by David Manuel

Are you looking for a new way to pray or a deeper, more intimate relationship with God? Learn how to ask God questions and receive answers. A great book for those who seldom read nonfiction since you can read it in one afternoon. This small but powerful book will change your life!

  1. A Bigger Life by Annette Smith

Joel lays it out in his own words, the good, the bad and the ugly. His marriage is shattered and his life is in ruins until he learns the power of forgiveness. When tragedy strikes, he uncovers a greater truth that brings both pain and joy. A gripping novel unlike anything you’ve read before.

  1. Thus Saith the Lord by John Bevere

Learn when God is speaking to you through another, how to discern prophecy, how to spot a false prophet, how to respond when a word is not from God, how to be lead by the Spirit and so much more. This book provides Biblical answers to your prophecy questions.

  1. To Dance in the Desert by Kathleen Popa

Dara bought a house in the desert to hide from the world. But her crazy neighbor, Jane, dances into her life and changes her perspective on everything. Journey with Dara as she reclaims her freedom and joy in this beautifully compelling story of transformation and forgiveness.

  1. Battlefield of the Mind by Joyce Meyer

Second only to the Bible on my bookshelf, this is necessary read for every Believer who desires a deeper walk with God as well as those who are looking for spiritual breakthroughs. Extract nuggets of spiritual truth and meditate on them daily. This is book will literally change your life as you develop the tools to defeat the enemy where he most likes to linger- in your mind.

  1. Rekindled by Tamera Alexander

Kathryn made her vows for better or worse. In a childless marriage with an emotionally unavailable husband, she thought she was living the worse until her whole world turns upside down. Widowed and pregnant, she discovers a hidden treasure in a deeply scarred man who loves her like she’s always longed to be loved. I read this book in two days. I simply couldn’t put it down. A wonderful story of faith and restoration.

  1. The Bondage Breaker by Neil Anderson

I highly recommend this book for anyone who is looking for spiritual freedom. Learn how to overcome negative thought patterns, irrational feelings, addictions and habitual sins. Packed with great information, I’ve read it many times and glean new insight each time.

  1. What a Girl Wants by Kristin Billerbeck

I loved every page of this book. Filled with romance, humor and inspiration, it’s a perfect book to get lost in this summer. It was so enthralled, I even read it going into surgery.

  1. Dream Language by James and Michal Goll

Is God talking to you through your dreams? Learn how to interpret them and understand what God is saying through them. One of my favorite dream books, I reference it often.

  1. The Shack by William P. Young

Our generation needs books like this to point us to our gentle, loving God. An anointed book about the power of forgiveness and the merciful love our Heavenly Father. If you haven’t read it yet, you don’t know what you’re missing.

  1. Character All Leaders Must Have by Frank Kamazio

Character does matter. Frank Damazio outlines the key elements of character, the downward spiral to losing it and ways to maintain integrity. Read it in one setting, with a highlighter, then go back later to mull over key points. This book should be required reading for anyone in leadership.

13. Demon by Tosca Lee

If you’re looking for a happily ever after story, don’t chose this one. But, if you’re looking for an extraordinary book that will cause you to analyze your beliefs, this is the book for you. Tosca Lee weaves an interesting tale of Salvation from a demons point of view.


8 thoughts on “13 Great Summer Reads

  1. Oh Jan, I just LOVE to read. I have not enjoyed sitting down with a good book in several years though. I have been soooooooo busy with life. I picked up a Grace Livingston Hill book last week and began reading. I’m having so much fun. I’ve learned to take my book with me everywhere so I can snatch even five minutes. Your list looks fantastic. I’m going to write down the names of them.My children will be going to public school next fall, so there will be a little more time to enjoy some books. Have a lovely Thursday evening. Kathi

The righteous person faces many troubles, but the Lord comes to the rescue each time. - Psalm 34:19

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