Interview with the Worlds Meanest Mom

Tonya Vander, Worlds Meanest Mom

So how does it feel to be the Worlds Meanest Mom, Tonya?

I’m just aghast at the whole thing.

How did you get into this esteemed position?

According my children, I’ve held this title for many, many years.

What would you say to other mom’s who hope to earn this prestigious position?

It’s lonely at the top

Any advice for mean mom wannabe’s?

Make your children do their chores, don’t ever let them have desert before they finish their dinner and make sure their homework is complete.

Any other horrors you can inflict on them?

Make them read long books which challenge them at their grade level.

Any advice for nice mother’s?

If you choose to go down the path of ‘meanness’ know you at least have one other comrade. And don’t ever let them see you sweat.

Thank you Tonya. You are so incredibly mean! Good work. Now let’s hear from all the other ‘mean moms’ out there.

Permissive Mom Responds to Tonya’s initial Blog:

Dear Mean Momma,

I’m deeply sorry that your children hound you on my account. However, you can make life easier in your home if you simply shut your mouth and let them do whatever they please. After all, you brought them into this world, isn’t time for them to figure out on their own that they have to do homework and clean up their dirty clothes from the floor? And it they don’t figure it out now, it’s not your fault. Chances are their future spouses will deal with it. So lighten up and don’t worry.

Of course I let my children watch TV as often as they pleased. It’s the gateway to our contemporary culture. Don’t you want your kids to know what the hottest styles are and which cars they should covet. And also, video games are crucial to their hand-eye coordination. Don’t you want them to be skilled at maneuvering their $50,000 automobiles out of tight situations? Perhaps some day they may need to elude the police, especially if they’re making an easy buck selling hot merchandise or illegal drugs. You don’t want them to get caught? Do you?

As far as their eating habits—you need to expose children to a wide variety of food choices. And if they never eat junk food, how will they figure out that fruits and vegetables are better than the crap that’s easily available? Besides, who wants to cook every day? Not me. Haven’t you ever heard of the 99 cent deal? Who cares if it has the nutritional value of cardboard? It fills a tummy.

My advice to you? Lighten up! After all, you’re responsibility to those rug rats only extends for 18 years. Then it’s up to the government to make sure they stay out of the way.

It’s people like you, Mean Momma, that insist on rules, rules, rules. You make me weary just thinking about it, and I don’t have the extra strength or time to think about all your namby-pamby dos and don’ts. After all, I’ve got to get a move on if I’m going to get to prison in time to visit my kids.

Very truly yours,
Permissive Mamma

PS: I heard that you can win a free copy of that new book, Searching for Spice. Visit Prisioner of Hope to find out how.


8 thoughts on “Interview with the Worlds Meanest Mom

  1. Dear Mean Momma:How can I emulate you? I need to make my kids miserable! Please publish a step by step guide to help us dysfunctional mommas figure out out to do it. I love to make my kids cry.Waiting in Anticipation,WannaBe Mean Mom

  2. Oh I am hoping to accomplish this as the meanest grammy!!Oh to inflict the miseryon my see them accomplishgoals and maybe be meanest dadssomedayLOLdeena

  3. Mean mommas must unite. I feel this grassroots campaign has the momentum to change the world…one kid at a time. But Mean Momma President Tonya, I have a question: What does a mean momma look like in the summer time?

  4. OOOh OOOh I know this one…no ice cream for breakfast and summer reading programs for all. Am I right? Am I? Please validate me Mean Mom Queen! 🙂

  5. Jan, thanks for posting our interview. We will have to work on a booklet of some sort to equip all these moms to be one mean momma. 🙂 Tonight I posted the updates from my kids over at mother-wit. Too funny! Again, thanks Jan!

The righteous person faces many troubles, but the Lord comes to the rescue each time. - Psalm 34:19

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