Estes Park, Colorado – Wordless Wednesday #14


10 thoughts on “Estes Park, Colorado – Wordless Wednesday #14

  1. I’ve SO BEEN THERE!! I lived in Colorado for over 40 years. Now a Texan. But ya, this is beautiful still! Is the Stanley Hotel still there?My wordless will ‘tickle you’!!Come by if you can. Happy Wednesday.

  2. “For Baby For Bobbie”!! I LOVE that JD song! My kids (who are all grown now) used to hate it when it was my turn to drive on vacations because they knew it was non-stop John Denver! In fact, our youngest daughter Laura who is getting married herself this November, was born while “Country Love” was playing on the cassette player. Dave had compiled a “Labor & Delivery” cassette for me. Did I mention we love music? Ha Ha!Loved your pics of Estes Park! We lived in Trinidad for 3 years due to my Hub’s job with the BNSF Railway. Our favorite place to say when we;re visiting or hiking in RMNP is at Rockmount Cottages and stay in their Rocky Ridge Cabin! Connie

  3. Having another look at your beautiful skies since it is Sky Watch Friday ;). I ended up in Japan by coinsidence. A friend went there to do some work for a few weeks and knew she’d had a lot of free time so she hassled me daily to try to get me to come with her. It worked. So well that I went back the two following years too! Lol.. I absolutely love it there. 🙂 So you’re swedish too? That’s cool! Where abouts are you from? Have a nice day!!

The righteous person faces many troubles, but the Lord comes to the rescue each time. - Psalm 34:19

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