Spring Give Away – Lori Wick Set

Contest runs until May 31st.

6 thoughts on “Spring Give Away – Lori Wick Set

  1. Oh! My favorite romantic spring moment is probably the picnic my husband to be took me on. We weren’t even dating, but we’d planned a picnic at Cabin John park near D.C. We ate and scampered over rocks and walked on ledges, just having fun. I was walking on a ledge and he tried to take my hand, keep me from falling, and I refused. You know, if you’re trying to keep your balance it’s more difficult if you’re leaning down holding someone’s hand.I got all kinds of butterflies and so did he, even though I wouldn’t hold hands with him that day at all. I think the next time we went out it was a real date, but I love that one moment. It was like we both just knew, right then, that the match had been lit.

  2. My favorite romantic Spring moment this year was on our last campout. We were parked in a beautiful spot, but it was windy, cold, rainy, and finally snowing. We sat cozy warm in our RV enjoying the spring trees and shrubs with the snow lightly falling. With the weather, we couldn’t go outside with the other campers, and just enjoyed being together in our RV reading, relaxing, and doing Sudoka puzzles together.

  3. My favorite romantic spring moment happened one year with me walking through the forest with just my Lord. He filled me with awe as I listened to the birds sing and witnessed the shafts of light that drifted through the trees. The crunching of the pine needles under my feet and the smell of the fresh pine sap kept me in the moment, and the soft breeze showed me just how much He loves me. That was a special moment of peace and quiet that I will always remember.

  4. My favorite romantic Spring moment was in 1997 when my husband proposed marriage to me after a week long fast and prayer. He (with my parents’ help) set up a beautiful communion to “end the fast”. There sat my mom’s beautiful silver goblet filled with grape juice along with crackers. My dad started off the communion, then my now DH took over and finished the communion and then took me to the couch where a pitcher of water and bowl were off to the side. He pulled them out and proceeded to wash my feet telling me he would serve me for the rest of his life and then asked me to marry him and pulled out the 1 carat diamond engagement ring! After I said yes, he pulled out the guitar and sang a song he wrote and my parents prayed over us a blessing. My then 6 year old daughter said “can I call you Daddy now?” It was such a perfect day.

The righteous person faces many troubles, but the Lord comes to the rescue each time. - Psalm 34:19

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