Best Blog Friends Forever

Blog Babes
Paula, Niki, Heather, Me, Chelf
One of my fav things about blogging is that I get to meet so many of you! I’m amazed by the great people I’ve met on the blogisphere! One of my new best blogging friends forever (BBFF) is Chelf. I finally got to hear the story behind her bloggy nickname (I’m still waiting for the explanation on Flea’s). Long story short, her niece couldn’t say her real name and it was so cute it stuck. Now everyone calls her Chelf except her DH, I imagine he has other nicknames for her.

Anyway, Chelf and her DH were in town and I was so excited to get to meet them that I didn’t even notice that he was 6’6”- kind of hard to miss. But, like I said, I was excited. He was so funny as he introduced himself, “I’m the DH.”

Maybe he needs to be incognito for a secret service job or something. We outnumbered him 5-1. Poor guy. He endured it well.

As usual, no topic was off limits. Most of my BBFF’s hadn’t seen my new do so we began to talk hairdressers. Niki teased me about aging myself with that word. Flummoxed, I asked what I should call the one who cuts my hair. Apparently, STYLIST is the correct term. Now I know why I haven’t been able to get a good cut. It’s not because I have ultra straight, thick hair that shows every snip, it’s because I’ve been looking for a hairdresser when I should have been seeking a stylist. LOL. See Niki’s take on it here.

The lady with a dog, who was on the patio with us, later approached Chelf; she thoroughly enjoyed our exchange and was glad to know the ‘right’ word to use in place of hairdresser.

This has been my week for using odd words. I used guffaw in a sentence and surprised Heather. I have that effect on her. Not a word I typically use but Chelf was commenting on how the Biblical Sarah must have LOL when the angel told her she was having a child at 90.

“More like a guffaw,” I blurted.

We laughed and started talking about having babies in late life.

We also talked about the most important things in life – like coffee, chocolate and one other thing. This embarrassed Heather. As I said, I tend to have that effect on her.

We laughed hard and loud and had a wonderfully memorable time.


12 thoughts on “Best Blog Friends Forever

  1. Y’all look like you’re having such a great time! How fun…It’s a gorgeous day here, and I’m so happy with our good news, and I feel like doing the same thing – meeting up with friends and having FUN. Thank you for sharing in my joy – it makes it even greater. Have a wonderful weekend!!!!Jen

  2. ok, hold up. I wasn’t embarrassed by the sex comment… I felt sorry for the poor boy behind the counter who got red in the face. As to the guffaw… how many people do you hear use that word? I even wrote about it in one of my books. =)

  3. And then there was “scofflaws”, which I understood right away, but had never heard in a sentence, either.To clarify the bloggy nickname, it wasn’t my niece, it was a little girl that I babysat… she is something like 17 or older now, and probably doesn’t even remember me. But if anyone ever sees a cute little blue car with a special tag that says MYCHELF on it, wave to the friendly blogger, and don’t cut in front of her. 😛

  4. When anyone gets with you Jan, they are going to have a grand time. Your vivaciousness affects us all. 🙂

  5. How very awesome that you guys were able to meet in person! I’m so jelous! You look like you are having a fun time! What a bunch of beautiful women inside and out!!!Hugs, Sharon

  6. So now it’s BBFF’s instead of just BFF’s? Please tell me I get both nicknames. lolIt certainly was fun and entertaining! And for the record…I don’t think you’re old…even though you’re older than me. 😉

The righteous person faces many troubles, but the Lord comes to the rescue each time. - Psalm 34:19

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