Remodeling is not for Sissies!

My son and DIL bought their first house and we are so proud! After looking at, and bidding on several foreclosures, their offer was accepted. We think it is the best house yet. It’s a tri-level with large fenced yard, four bedrooms and it’s only 20 min from our house.

(We are so blessed that both of our children bought homes within a 20 min drive.)

For the last three days, we have been pulling out carpet, prying off tacking strips, putting stuff together, taking down drapery rods, removing nails and screws, replacing light fixtures and hauling stuff from Lowe’s. (Hey, with the free advertising, I wonder if they’ll give them $ off!)

  • Replacing all the flooring with laminate wood and tile
  • Removing popcorn ceiling finish and applying new
  • Replacing all kitchen appliances and counters
  • Painting throughout
  • Replacing exterior doors
  • Updating fixtures
  • Installing ceiling fans

Let me tell you – remodeling is not for sissies- especially when you do it yourself. They are going to have an absolutely beautiful refurbished home when it’s all said and done.

Click on the photo’s to get a larger view. Pictured are the kids posing in front of their new house, the men removing
railings, putting together the wheel barrel, pulling up tacking, sweeping and the mound of carpet for removal.

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11 thoughts on “Remodeling is not for Sissies!

  1. When we moved into our condo, we painted. That’s it. Just paint. I thought I was gonna die! I cannot imagine all the work you are doing and it is all for your offspring. You are a terrific mother, Jan. Um…you know my address, right? Can I be next?

  2. Oh what fun! We did something very similar just over a year ago. There’s nothing quite like renovating a junker with good bones, is there? Get some rest, Jan!

  3. Jan, where have you been?!!! I NEEDED YOU!!!!Okay, so you’re doing there what we are doing here. Pull up carpetRemove tack stripsRemove baseboardPull down feaux beams from the living room ceiling…without pulling down ceilingUse a lovely flat hoe to scrape up 1960’s linoleum–what to see my blisters?My children looked at the linoleum and asked, “Mom, what is that?” When I told them, my daughter stared for a moment and said, “Wow, it’s ugly.” Yeah, reeeaaaalllll ugly.On Saturday the ugly fireplace goes away and French doors come in. Then we start rebuilding…Well, except for the kitchen where the tile has to be taken out because we are knocking the back wall out 5 feet and cant’ match the tile.Ibuprofen is my friend.Show us more AFTER shots. I need the encouragement!!!

  4. Congratulations to your kids! How wonderful! I am so proud of them. That is just amazing and so fun! How neat that they live so close to you and you get to be involved in the renovation! YOu are a great mom and MIL! Hugs to you! Sharon

The righteous person faces many troubles, but the Lord comes to the rescue each time. - Psalm 34:19

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