Scavenger Hunt Winners

Congratulations Bold & Free
Scavenger Hunt Winners!

1st: Ruthie
2nd: Mel

Congratulations Ruthie and Mel.

Please email me your snail mail addresses.

I would like to personally thank the following lovely
women who contributed prizes and co -hosted this event:

Deena – Pretty in Pink
Robbie Iobst – Joy Dance
Megan – Prisoner of Hope
Tonya – Mother-wit
Flea – The Good Flea

I am rewarding you this Kind Blogger award.
Special thanks and big hugs to Dawn who awarded it to me.

I’m also awarding it to all who participated in the hunt.
Thanks for your participation.


7 thoughts on “Scavenger Hunt Winners

  1. Congratulations to Ruth and Mel! Thank you Jan for hosting this fun contest and for letting me participate in it! Also, thank you for the sweet award!Have a happy day!Sharon

  2. Congrats to Ruth & Mel. It was fun. I really got a chance to visit some more cool sites, which I will be going back to visit. Great idea, Jan!!Stay Bless, sweetie!!

The righteous person faces many troubles, but the Lord comes to the rescue each time. - Psalm 34:19

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