Friendship Award, Words For The Journey

Thank you Sharon for this Friendship Award. I’d like to give it to all my friends at WFTJ Chrisitian Writers Guild. You have all been such an inspiration to me. Thank your for your friendship an encouragement.

Loretta – Complementary Thoughts

Danica – Dream, Believe, Achieve

Robbie – Joy Dance

Darcie – Joy in the Litter Box

Diane – Let’s Talk, Mom!

Kay – Loop de Loops in La La Land

Stacey & Michelle – Meet Me At the Intersection

Megan – Prisoner of Hope

Tonya – Mother-wit

Anne – The Other Anne Rice

Heather – Heather Diane Tipton

Sharen – The Fav Five


5 thoughts on “Friendship Award, Words For The Journey

  1. Jan,I really think that you are one of the greatest people who lives a life encouraging others. You set a wonderful example of what a true friend is. thank you

  2. Jan, I’m so greatful that God placed me amidst a group of friends at just a time as this (to borrow words from The Great Author).I’ve received very negative reactions from those I thought were my best friends for over a decade. I know God will work things out and repair the wounds. God wanted an audience for my story that is much larger than I ever conceived.You are an encouragement to me and your regular comments on my Litterbox let me know that somebody out there reads my stuff. I love you!

  3. Thank you so much, Jan. I appreciate the group, too, even though I’m not there often!Thank you for your friendship and for helping me feel welcome in my new world!

The righteous person faces many troubles, but the Lord comes to the rescue each time. - Psalm 34:19

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