Our Love Turns Silver

When we met

I knew you were my knight in shining armor

You will always be my knight

But you are infinitely more

You are my soul mate

My true love

My protector, provider and rock

My best friend

You are the first one I think of each morning

And the man I cling to each night

You are my safe place to land

My favorite place is in your arms

We grew up together

As our children grew up

Our memories as precious as the first sign of spring

The birth of our babies

Their first steps

And crib escapes


Training wheels

Cross-country moves

Our numerous business ventures


Kids moving out

Mom moving in

The double wedding summer

As we walk together, hand in hand

I know I can face anything

With you by my side

Today our love turns silver

Happy 25th My Love

Jan Parrish © 2008


10 thoughts on “Our Love Turns Silver

  1. I can identify with so many of the steps you’ve take together. This is a beautiful tribute to your long and successful marriage. Happy 25th, Jan!HUGS, e-Mom

The righteous person faces many troubles, but the Lord comes to the rescue each time. - Psalm 34:19

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