God Will Make A Way – Dedicated to Deena


Deena is my beautiful new BBFF. If you don’t know Deena, you must have just started reading my blog. Deena is in treatment for breast cancer and is discouraged by the loss of her hair.

Deena, I pray this encourages you for the journey ahead. You are in our thoughts and prayers.

Big thanks goes out to my BFF, Tonya, who created this presentation. I chose the song and she did all the rest.


15 thoughts on “God Will Make A Way – Dedicated to Deena

  1. JAN you totally Rockand so does TONYAThis made me cry cry cryand I know God WILL make a way.I love this ..it’s so wonderfulmuch love to you my BBFFdeena

  2. That’s beautiful Jan! Just perfect. I know that it touched Deena so much. What a blessing. What a good friend you are. My prayers go out to Deena. God bless you!Sharon

  3. Jan,this was a beautiful tribute to Deena and a wonderful reminder to the rest of us to remember that God will make a way and we are to turn everything over to Him!!Thank you for this wonderful post…Mimi

  4. Good Morning Jan, What a truly personal, inspiring and poignant tribute to one who fills us all with strength and gratitude. Thank you for this beautiful dedication to our amazing friend, Love you too, Mollye.

  5. Jan,What Special Women you and Tonya are to do something so beautiful for Our Deena. God WILL Make A Way!Love You Deena!Hugs,KimmieOlde Lavender Prims

The righteous person faces many troubles, but the Lord comes to the rescue each time. - Psalm 34:19

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