The Moment of Truth – Best New Show!

I love this show! Contestants win money while they receive healing by speak out about things they’ve bottled up for years. In yesterday’s episode, Ray is an honest hard working man who’s MIL has never accepted his wife even though they’ve been married 30 years. What is up with her?

Ray reveals how upset he was that no one in his family attended his wedding but his mother, who wore black. He never told her how much that hurt him. Still, she’s his mom and he would donate an organ to save her life in a heart beat.

Ray won 100,000.00 just for telling the truth. Now the Gonzales family can finally heal. Mom, Ray and his wife can talk things over start fresh. I don’t think there’s a dishonest bone in this man’s body, but there was a lot he left bottled up. Freedom from the past and money to pay off his house, what a bargain. Where can I go to sign up?


5 thoughts on “The Moment of Truth – Best New Show!

  1. I have never seen the show, so I don’t get it. Did his mom see him on the show? How does winning the money help heal his family? If they really do come back together, it would be wonderful! I am interested in learning more about the show!

  2. Wow, I saw the previews a while back and it looked frightening to me.They asked one man if he had ever been sexually inappropriate with anyone at work. He had a look of horror on his face. As did his wife.Can you imagine learning something like that – or worse – in front of millions of people?Did you ever see Hope Floats?But I can see how it could also be a wonderful thing as in the example you gave. I’ll have to remember to watch it.

  3. Sharon Lynne- Thanks for stopping by. Dianne – His mom is on the show with him. He has to tell the truth in front of her.The money is just incentive to spill his deep rooted secrets.

The righteous person faces many troubles, but the Lord comes to the rescue each time. - Psalm 34:19

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