Jesus is my BFF

I recently received some devastating news, my BFF is moving back to Texas. My heart is breaking and the timing is lousy.

“I’m still processing the kids getting married and I need her here!” I complained to God.

“Who will I meet for coffee at a moments notice?”

“Who will I go shopping with?”

“Yes, I know I have other really great friends, but I want this one, here, nearby!”

God was patient with my spoiled brat tantrum while I sorted it out.

We met on the ACFW loop. I was running a small writers group that she was interested in joining. While we were moving Mom from Oregon, she was moving to Colorado and settling in. Then one day I was pulling into the neighborhood and decided to give her a call. Turns out, we were within walking distance.

Sharen met my DH first. She was walking her dog and he was in the garage working on a project. Greg’s size and demeanor can be very intimidating but she talked to him as if she’d known him forever. That’s one of the endearing things about her; she’s like that with everyone.

“You are going to like her. She reminds me of you,” my DH said.

He was right, we became friends instantly.

We’ve been through many trials and joys together: caring, praying and supporting each other. I don’t think there’s a topic we haven’t touched on at one time or another and yet we never seem to run out of things to say. We have a wonderful, comfortable friendship.

I was thinking about all this while worshiping to Delirious? Friend Forever. I was whining to Jesus about my BFF moving and He says to me, “Jan, I’ll be your BFF.”

Then He reminded me that He doesn’t take something away without replacing it with something better. When He closed the doors for my small writers group, He opened up Words for the Journey Christian Writers Guild, which is even better. Now He is moving my BFF. Sharen has grown children in Texas and its better for them to all be together. We have email, text messaging and free long distance so I know we won’t lose touch. I also know that I have a friend who sticks closer than a brother, my BFF Jesus and I’ll bet he’ll meet me for coffee at a moments notice.

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11 thoughts on “Jesus is my BFF

  1. My heart hurts for you. We moved from Florida a year ago and left best friends of seven years. Jesus really IS your BFF.

  2. you will find that you and your BFF will remain just as close as you are now… with free long distance and E-Mail and of course Blog Land… you will not miss anything in each others life…Be Encouraged!!Mimi

  3. Isn’t it great to have Jesus has a BFF? I know you and your friend will still remain just as close. My BFF lives in Pennsylvania and I live in Illinois. It’s do-able!

  4. Bummer! Bummer! Major Bummer! I am so sorry Jan that your BFF is moving. It can be so painful when someone moves away. It is a real heartache and you might even go through all the greiving process. You are on the right track though with going to Jesus and He will always be there for you. I know you will be able to stay in touch with Sharen, but it won’t be the same. Hey, maybe neat new things will come of it, like slumber parties in Texas??? Just keep leaning on the Lord and lean on your BBFFs (best blogger friends forever!).Love & Hugs, Sharon

  5. I’m sorry to hear about that Jan, she sounds like a great friend. So good to know you’ll be leaning on Jesus. What a friend we have in Jesus, all our sins and griefs to bear…

  6. Oh my goodness. Jan, BFF’s never lose their BFF’ness, and I know we never will. God brought us together for a reason, and I think this might only be the beginning. AND, I love what Sharon with an “o” said about Texas slumber parties. We’ll only be a 2 hour flight away :-). Yes, I’m miss the day-to-day, and moment’s notice, impromptu Starbuck’s meetings SO much, but think of the money we’ll save! Won’t our husbands be happy!!! I love you, my sweet friend, and that will never change…Sharen

  7. Gee, I was just getting over the shock of her leaving, and now you’ve got me feeling sad again. We’ll have to meet at least once a month to have coffee in Sharen’s honor. Don’t you think? We can conference call and send photos by blackberry. What do you say? Is it a plan?A prisoner of hope,Megan

  8. My BFF moved to Texas too five and a half years ago. We never lost contact and have remained close through the years and have even grown closer. I’m sure you and your BFF will do the same.Jesus will never move and is the best BFF we could ever have.Can you please be in prayer for Daniel, a little boy from my church who is having brain surgery on Feb 1st – info is posted at my actions speak loudest blog. I’m collecting the thoughts and prayers to give to his parents before his surgery if you or anyone would like to leave a note of encouragement or a prayer. Thanks!

  9. As prior military, I know the hurt of leaving and being left by those dear friends God blesses us with. You are right, though. He is our BFF. What other friend packs up and goes with (or stays behind with) to comfort and guide, giving us just the right words and love.

  10. Hey,I just found your site tonight….My writing group I was in “disbanded” this spring and I have missed it soooo much. So I understand that loss forsure. Plus we have lost so many of our BFF’s that have moved away or we were the ones moving. Some of our BFF’s moved to Colorado and we’ve gone to see them twice through the years and we still keep in good contact with each other. I know how deeply it does hurt but I’ve learned this…..”GOODBYE isn’t forever.” We do meet them again from time to time but if not on this earth…we will see them in Heaven. That’s the great thing.And you do have that “Jesus, Friend Forever” thing to consider….I LOVE THAT SONG..and the band. My FAVE! I’ll check back in on you!Be blessed,Joyce

The righteous person faces many troubles, but the Lord comes to the rescue each time. - Psalm 34:19

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