How To Save in 2008!

This year, we’ve made it our goal to become debt free. Previously our goals were to fix up the house, get a flat screened TV for the family room and take an exotic vacation. But God has been speaking to us about getting our financial house in order. Because of our new goals, we’ve been reevaluating some of our expenditures and I’ve decided to share some of our money $aving ideas with you.

  • Pay Bills Online – or use the bill pay option from a checking account. $aves money on stamps as well as time.
  • Order Water in restaurants – better for both waistlines and wallets. This will net you a $avings of $2-3 per person. *Take it a step further and drink water instead of soda at home.
  • Cut back on Movies. Have a movie night at home instead. $avings of $9-10 per person in addition to the concessions which usually run about the same. The average night at the movie costs us about $40. Average Netflixs, $4, depending on your plan.
  • Cook At Home. Choose easy to fix items you can throw together quickly. This not only $aves on your wallet but tips, gas and calories.
  • Buy Used Books. I buy most of my used books through Amazon and pay from $4-6 including shipping. *Better still, use your library and request titles online.
  • Buy Classic Clothing which never go out of style and accessorize with fun and trendy pieces.
  • Slim Down Cable Service – just $10 a month is $120 a year. Not a bad savings.
  • Do Your Own Nails a mani-pedi runs from $40-75. That’s an annual $avings of $480-900. Wow!

The last four idea’s, we were already doing but our biggest savings have come from eating at home more. Make $aving money a game – who can $ave the most? Now, tell me some of your money $aving idea’s.


11 thoughts on “How To Save in 2008!

  1. What a great and smart goal to have, espeically now with the “R” word looming around out there (recession). Thank you for the great tips. I pretty much do all of those things now. My biggest area of waste is probably food. It is hard being a working mother, because I feel like I don’t have time to plan my meals and smart shop, it is always on the run at the more expensive store. That is one of my goals is to get that back under control. Have a great day Jan!!!! Hugs, Sharon

  2. We don’t use credit. Ok, so we did for our furniture, but have sorely regretted it. Otherwise, cash for everything, including cars.

  3. I have a 1 foot tall coke bottle bank, that I put dimes and nickels in. Our church does a change can drive every year for a local children’s home… All my “coke money” goes in their can. Each year I put at least $40 in those cans, just from spare change.Eating out kills our budget quite often, because we are weak. We could cook, but we get lazy. I can make as many as five meals at home for the one dinner at Carrabba’s. I have tried to limit us to once a week out, usually on Sunday with friends.

  4. Sharon- I agree. It’s hard to make time to get a meal on.Mel – I figured that would be the case with some of you. :)Kay – with the economy in question, cash is best.Charlene – thanks for stopping by. I’m sure you’re right. I pray, “God, please get me out of financial bondage!”Robbie – great idea.Chelf – We also do that and use the change for various things.

  5. Debt stresses me out, because it truly does make you a slave to the lender (Proverbs 22:7). I recently cut back on our cable channels. I also called our phone company to see how I could make things cheaper. They not only helped me lower my monthly payment, but they also gave me a $25 thank you credit. Oh, and I still need to work on the eating out one. I try and I try but it is so easy to drive through Mickey D’s with the kids, and that just stinks because I easily blow $10. Here’s to being debt-free someday soon!!

  6. Dawn – what a great idea! We ate fast food night before last and it was awful. I figured I could have slopped something together myself and saved the money.

  7. We’re on the same path…with help from Dave Ramsey…we’re debt free but the house…and working on paying that off early. Our one weakness is eating out as we both really enjoy it… so I’m trying to commit to help in that area by planning and / or preparing our dinner by noon. That way it lessens the temptation to run out and “grab something”.

The righteous person faces many troubles, but the Lord comes to the rescue each time. - Psalm 34:19

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