Featured Author: Karen Kingsbury

USA Today and New York Times bestselling author Karen Kingsbury is America’s #1 inspirational novelist. There are more than 7 million copies of her award-winning books in print, including two million copies sold in the past year. Karen has written more than 30 novels, nine of which have hit #1 on national lists, including award-winning Ever After, Oceans Apart, and One Tuesday Morning. Karen has also written many best selling series including The Redemption Series and the Firstborn Series. Several of her recent novels, including; Like Dandelion Dust, A Thousand Tomorrows and Gideon’s Gift are currently under production as full-length movies with major motion picture companies and will be appearing in theaters soon. Karen lives in the Pacific Northwest with her husband, Don, and their six children, three of whom are adopted from Haiti.

Just Beyond the Clouds by Karen Kingsbury

(#2 Cody Gunner Series) 5 stars

Karen Kingsbury has done it again. This is book two in the Cody Gunner Series. And though I didn’t read the first one, I still felt the book was complete. Let me just say, keep a box of tissues on hand while reading this. If God has you on a path of transition, this book will be especially meaningful.

Cody Gunner is a bull rider that needs to let go. He’s released his career as a professional bull rider, but letting go of his diseased wife and Down syndrome brother are two very different matters.

Then he meets Elle, the woman who teaches his brother independence. Determined to fight her all the way, she worms his way into her heart and helps him release the two people he loves the most.

Beautiful, heartwarming and engaging, you won’t be able to put this book down until its conclusion.

Even Now by Karen Kingsbury
(#1 Lost Love Series) 4 stars

Shane Galanter and Lauren Gibbs are teenagers in love. Their families are best friends and the future seems bright until the unthinkable happens – Lauren gets pregnant. Their parents determine they are too young to commit to marriage so they go to extreme lengths to keep them apart.

Lauren becomes a war correspondent and Shane a pilot. Though they separated years ago, their hearts are forever knit together. Then one day a phone call changes everything. Emily, their daughter, seeks to bring them back together.

A heartwarming story of forgiveness and the power of love.

Ever After by Karen Kingsbury
(#2 Lost Love Series) 5 stars

Emily wasn’t looking for love but it found her anyway. Justin was a young reservist, on his way back to Iraq for his second tour of duty; he wasn’t interested in dating until he met Emily. Soon the two became inseparable and made plans to marry.

Then Justin came home from Iraq draped in a flag, everything changed.

When Shane and Lauren couldn’t reach an agreement about the war, she went back to Iraq as a war correspondent. Justin showed her how much our troops were helping the Iranian people and her perspective began to change.

Justin’s death throw her into confusion until she realizes, she can’t walk away from love again because life offers no guarantees.

I loved everything about this book. While there are many tragic moments, true love wins and there is a happily Ever After.

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8 thoughts on “Featured Author: Karen Kingsbury

  1. Hi Jan,I read and enjoyed each the the Karen Kingbury books you highlighted. She’s guaranteed to bring tears and to bring it into the real world. I like that she doesn’t give all her stories the perfect happily every after. The fact that events we don’t understand happen gives me something to relate to.Have you read Divine?

  2. Mimi – Karen Kingsbury is one of my fav authors. She really touches a cord with me. Very heartfelt. Robin – I agree that her stories aren’t all wrapped up at the end but I haven’t read any with a bad ending. In Ever After, a key person dies but everyone still finds happiness, just in a different way. :). Mel – I love the reality in these books. They deal with real issues and still triumph in the end.

  3. I really liked One Tuesday Morning. I’ve also read the Redemption series. They were very quick reads, for anyone who’s short on time but wants inspirational novels. Thanks for the reviews!

  4. Flea – I like all her books. 🙂 I really haven’t read a bad book of hers and I can be pretty picky. Dawn – I love them too, which is why I featured her here. This is not part of a blog tour or advertisement, I just wanted to talk about these great books I’ve read in the past few weeks. 🙂

  5. I LOVE Karen KingsburyMy BFF gave me Christmas Angels?? for Christmas..tis uplifting..I’ve read her faith based fiction toofun stuff.NOW..going over to sign your guestbook..and OHI thought about wearing that apron to bed!! seriouslyteeheedeena

The righteous person faces many troubles, but the Lord comes to the rescue each time. - Psalm 34:19

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