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It’s a new year – time to simplifying my life. For me, that means getting rid of clutter. Here in my office, I had paraphernalia from my last two business ventures that needed to go. Whew, now it’s no longer taking up space. Next stop, the closet.

I hate clutter and yet I live with two lovable clutter bugs. (I can picture my DH barricading his office.) For the most part, they do rather well, but they each have their areas of clutter comfort. I don’t understand how clutter is comforting because to me it’s distracting. Just look at this picture of my desk – time to clean it up. What a mess.

I cleaned out my drawers a while back when my rings disappeared. The good news is that it gave me a good excuse to clean out a good majority of the drawers in the bathroom, my desk, the kitchen, the dresser, my nightstand, etc. Yeah, I went a little nuts looking for those rings. Praise God I found them nearly a month later, in the pocket of a jacket I rarely wear.

My goal this year is to organize and simplify my life so that I have time for the things I love. Take television, for instance, I can watch it for a few hours each night, or I can use that time to work on my book, blog or articles. Seems like a simple solution, but old habits are tough to break. Fortunately, the writers strike has helped me break it.

Then all that constant exercising was cutting into my writing time too, so I cut all that out about…six months ago. (LOL. Just wanted to see if you were still paying attention!) So, even when I add exercise back in, I’ll still have more time to write. This simplifying thing really works.

On that same note, I cut out two of my blogs, Caregivers Corner & Just Ask Jan. If you want to ask me a question, just ask it here! I’m open. And I’ll be using my care giving experience to write articles for magazines and occasionally post here.

What about you? Are you ready to organize and simplify? Let’s chat about some of your goals.


17 thoughts on “Organize & Simplify

  1. Goals? We’re supposed to have goals? Nobody told me that! Just kidding. I do have a few goals – getting into shape again, and getting rid of the clutter. My biggest one, though, is to keep a cleaner house. With the girls grown there is no longer the need to run around picking up after people or making sure things are “clean”. I find that now the house gets a little dusty and unloved before I notice. I am hoping to find time and motivation to keep that from happening this year.

  2. Great post, Jan! When you talked about exercising I laughed out loud, making my family say, “What’s so funny?” I really want to organize a writing space that works for me. I have two, a corner of my bedroom with a desk and my dining room table and a corner beside it. Both have pros and cons. Neither are exactly what I want. This is a good project for me and you have inspired me to really get into it. I, also, need to use my time better when TV is calling. We as a family have gotten into a rotten habit of eating around the TV. So one big change is that we now eat around the dinner table with no TV. I hope that lasts. Can you tell that I feel better? :0)

  3. Did you really give up exercising? You. Are. My. Hero. Kidding.Our TV is upstairs, away from the dining room and main living space. It’s the best thing we’ve ever done in terms of decor and family time. Love it! But clutter – I’m one of those clutter bugs. 😦 Sixteen years married to a man who cleans his desk every time he sits down to work has taught me a few things. But I love my clutter. Sadly. And I’m not ready, yet, to give it up.Congratulations on dropping blogs! Wow.

  4. Jan, thanks so much for visiting my blog and commenting! Your blog and your ministry look great. I love Colorado and think it would be amazing to live there!

  5. Hi Jan,Great post! Simplifying is one of the things I want to do… and that means getting rid of stuff… Its hard for me to do because just about every time I’ve decided to keep something because I might need it, I’ve needed it… Great reinforce my problem…I’ve also not wanted to get rid of stuff that I might need out of good stewardship also. But a close friend of mine told me that God will provide when I need things. So now I need to get motivated to start sharing my stuff with others who can actually use it now and not worry about tomorrow (think Matthew 6).Your blog is great! I can learn from your experience!

  6. hynson – I TRY to vacuum, dust and run the mop every week but it doesn’t always happen. Missed it this week. I’ll have to invite company to be sure it gets done. 🙂 Robbie – So glad you are feeling better now. 🙂 It takes a while.Flea – the time I really should have been doing it for stress releif, during the kids’ wedding this summer and never got back into it. It’s overdue. Can’t walk outside now though since it hasn’t been above freezing for a few days and won’t be all week. Cindy – unfortunately, you wouldn’t say that this week with the temp being so low. I’m thinking, “This is what it would be like to live in Minnesota.”Thanks for stopping by.Robin – giving stuff away is a real blessing. God will honor it. Also try Craig’s list for selling things online with no listing fee’s.

  7. Hi Jan,Thanks for visiting my blog…I like one of the things you gave up in order to be better organizedexercise LOL I know the doctors all say we need it but what does it really do for us…Oh, it does make us look better, feel better, act better…OK… I won’t give it up either…Mimi

  8. With five children I have learned to give, give, and give some more! I go through things every few month and anything that is little or just unused we give to Goodwill. We want to be a running river not a dead sea here!

  9. You go girl! I am proud of you for not only having this as your goal, but actually getting started and doing it! :0) I have always been a “clutterbug” as you call it (which I have never heard that term and I love it) and I am really trying to simplify. At least I am an organized clutterbug!I wanted to tell you what a blessing your meme has been to bloggers all over the place! It is spreading like wild fire and it is so neat how God is using it for His glory and to help women realize their blessings! I hope you have a wonderful relaxing Sunday! Love Sharon

  10. Jan,Inviting company over is always a great way for me to get my house in order. I used to have people over weekly and for some reason the house was under control. Looks like I need to get an invitation schedule worked up 🙂

  11. Melanie (I think) Mon-SunJust wanted to say great advice. You sound a lot like my friend who has 6 children. I’m learning…

  12. Great goals Jan. I’m still thinking and praying on the best way to simplify around here. With a sixteen-year-old and a six-year-old, there’s still a bit of “necessary clutter”, especially since the “play room” for our youngest is the family room 🙂

  13. Mimi- One of the top new years resolutions is to start exercising – so I couldn’t resist the joke. :)Mel – great plan, the junk just weighs us down. Sharon – you are such an encourager! God showed me attitude is 99% of happiness. Robbin – deadlines are good if they aren’t too strict. Having company is like a deadline. Susan – Oddly, care giving has it’s necessary clutter as well: medications, handicapped accessories and apparently, several neatly stacked piles of magazines.

  14. Hi Jan, Great post on getting organized! I’m working on that around our home as well. I guess that is one of the reasons I’ve been so quiet around Blogville. Also, thanks so much for checking in with me on my poor neglected blog. I was thinking yesterday that I REALLY need to get a new post up. I’m still alive over here…just taking a break from blogville. I haven’t posted in over a month or been visiting around and I miss catching up with everyone. I hope to rectify that this week. Your kindness in checking on me is appreciated though!! Hope to “see” you soon!!Diane

  15. Hi–simply simplify–it is always hard to figure out what things to cut out. Some things I do not want to live without–perhaps I need to make a list–? I have to exercise, et hem, I have to read!!, I help care for my MIL, have church commitments, have to clean house before the Wed night study at my house, devotions, writing notes, errands, etc—so how do you start simplifying—organizing time, I guess.

  16. Will you come over and help me? LOLSeriously, organization isn’t my strong point. If I was to take a picture of my desk right now, let’s just say it wouldn’t be pretty. As for the exercise, we can just give it up. I am with you on that. 🙂

The righteous person faces many troubles, but the Lord comes to the rescue each time. - Psalm 34:19

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