Three Things My Daughters Must Know About Their Marital Needs.

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For a Fulfilled Marriage You’ll Need:

1. Communication. Connecting on an intellectual and emotional level is even more important than connecting sexually. You want him to understand you better than anyone else on the planet does. However, men and women are wired completely different. Men are like Mac’s and women are like PC’s. In other words, you can both arrive at the same conclusion, but the operating system is entirely different. It’s incredibly difficult to make a PC behave or think like a Mac does and visa versa.

Being a woman, there will be some things about him that you just don’t get- like his love of corny slapstick movies. Likewise, there are uniquely feminine things about you that he doesn’t get – like the amount of time it takes you to get ready in the morning. As I said in a previous MM post, there may be times you just have to pray, “God help me understand this man that you gave me.”

In communication, you need him to be:

· Authentic and Genuine without holding back. His authenticity gives you a safe place to land.

· Honest and Open, even if you disagree. No topic should be off-limits.

· A Good Listener sometimes you just need to vent with someone safe, you may not want a solution.

2. Freedom

· To pursue your dreams even if it requires a sacrifice of time or money.

· To be all that God made you to be. Accept your differences.

One of the things he loves about you is your femininity; he’s ruggedly different from you. Celebrate your differences. Don’t try to remake him into another you and don’t let him make you into his mother.

· To Spend time alone (or with your girls friends) to refresh without interruption, children, pets or other distractions.

3. Resolution – to stay the course. You’ll feel more secure with the knowledge that he’s determined to persevere, with God’s help, through both the good times and bad.


8 thoughts on “Three Things My Daughters Must Know About Their Marital Needs.

  1. okay I’m lauging! We’ve been chatting together about me becoming his mother lately.. or rather similar to his real mother… even to the point where our house looks like theres.. I can laugh b/c we can see it; that’s about where it stops.Thanks for participating wiht us!!!

  2. Jan, thank you so much to taking the time to visit my little corner of the world! Your post is great!BTW, I love the title of your blog! To be BOLD and FREE….what more could we want, right? 🙂

  3. Good thoughts here, succinctly made. All these things are true, and when I think about my own daughter (and my sons, too), it occurs to me if they retain ANY of the advice I’m reading, they’ll be ahead of the game.Robin @ PENSIEVE

  4. Jan, you’re a seasoned Mom, with seasoned wisdom. You must be so proud to have both of your offspring married now. I trust they’re thriving, despite the normal knocks that come to newlyweds. (Two weddings back to back would do me in! Fortunately, our son is nowhere near the altar.)I especially like this: One of the things he loves about you is your femininity; he’s ruggedly different from you. Celebrate your differences. It seems that softness and femininity are in short supply these days. I like to spritz on perfume every morning because it reminds me that I’m a woman, not a carbon copy of my man.Thanks for joining us for Marriage Monday this month. Your contribution is much very appreciated. Blessings, e-Mom

The righteous person faces many troubles, but the Lord comes to the rescue each time. - Psalm 34:19

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