Top Seven Blessings of 2007

These are my top blessings in 2007 in no particular order:
  • Greg’s job success. We asked God to help Greg make additional income so I could stay home and take care of Mom. He answered our prayer.
  • My Bold and Free blog. What a blessing to meet so many wonderful new friends and connect all across the globe!
  • Both kids were married. That’s right, they’re grown up for sure now. B was married on the coldest June day and T must have had the hottest day in August. Both outside garden weddings and completely different.
  • No surgeries for anyone living in this house! In fact, no hospital stays either. In 2006, all four of us had at least one surgery, and two of us had two or more.
  • I published twice outside of my blogs.
  • My new friends – The Fav Five – click here to read about it on our new blog.
  • Personal and spiritual growth.

So what about you? Share your blessings of 2007 in the comments below.

Pictured above are Greg, Mom and myself on New Years.

Below are the kids and their spouses at Christmas.


9 thoughts on “Top Seven Blessings of 2007

  1. Wonderful blessings, especially health and the ability to take care of your mom. We always take those things for granted until we have to give in to the illness/circumstances. Mine blessings were: Growth in my personal relationship the the Lord.Healthy children who can live out lives of their own and strive to achieve their own dreams. (real important considering those five minute indulgence breaks I started taking this year)marriage to my honey, who gets better (and worse) with every year.Finding out about blogging. You women are funny, intelligent, heart warming, servants. Here’s praying 2008 will be a continuation of 2007 and a great joy to you. BTW- what have you published outside your blog?

  2. What wonderful blessings for you and yours. :)We’ve all been getting our health straight.My husband and I have both started grad school.I no longer homeschool. Woohoo!My kids are adjusting well to public school. Their teachers and the schools are fantastic.We found a new church (moved just before last Christmas) that we love.I’m near my family.We had Christmas with my family for the first time ever.2007 has been the best year of my life! God is good.

  3. I don’t realy know where to start. It was such a strange year. The biggest blessings are just too personal for me to share yet.But it was definately a year of blessings!

  4. What an awesome year for you!!! and 2008 will hold more in store!!I am thankful for your blogging dear Jan..and I too want to know about the other publishings ..PLEASE and THANK YOUyour friend, deena

  5. What an amazing list of blessings, Jan. And you had TWO weddings back-to-back? Were you completely stressed or cool as a cucumber? Congrats on your two published pieces outside your blogs.I see your Mom is doing quite well. Just wanted you to know my father made some significant improvements in Nov. He’s using the telephone again… no small victory. Thanks again for your prayers. Your Fav Five group looks groovey! :~DHugs, e-Mom

  6. Hynson and Deena, I published my Breast Friends article in the Boomer Babes Dreamzine and in a local paper.This year I plan to get more serious and write more for publication as well as submit. :)Flea -sounds like a lot of change and growth. Kay – when and if you can share, I’d love to hear about it. Deena – 🙂 blushing.Susan – God is good. Happy New Year.eMom – I was stressed. It was wonderful and stressful. My daughters showers and wedding and two weeks later, we started it all again. I thank God for His strength and the help of family and friends. I’m so glad your dad is doing better.

The righteous person faces many troubles, but the Lord comes to the rescue each time. - Psalm 34:19

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