Contest to Win "Teaching Your Child About Sex" by Grace Ketterman, MD

Teaching Your Child About Sex by Grace Ketterman, MD. To enter this contest, leave a comment below and link this contest with your blog or website. This book comes highly recommended, written by a Christian child phychiatrist. I’ve not read the entire book but the chapter on homosexuality is very insightful.

Winner will be announced early January 15th. Remember, you must comment and link. Good luck!


14 thoughts on “Contest to Win "Teaching Your Child About Sex" by Grace Ketterman, MD

  1. I’ll enter… I have a 10 year old. :)And THANKS for your interest in the booklovers blog! The address is, or you can access it through my profile. I’m not sure how to go about this – if I have enough interest, I may open it up to other contributors, but until I know if it will actually be worth the time involved in figuring all that out, I think I’ll just say if you have something to contribute, send me the post via email. I promise I’ll spiff it up and make it look all pretty for ya. As I gain contributors, I’ll make a list on the sidebar. ANY suggestions as to the best way to do this are welcome. Looks like you have done this before…Your book review would be great, and if you know of anyone else who might be interested, feel free to pass the info. about the blog along. It could be fun!Email: pursley@bellsouth.netTHANKS!!!Jen

  2. That sounds like a book that I need to read. I guess if I don’t win I may have to head to the bookstore. I keep wondering how to approach this topic with my children.

  3. I’ll link your blog on both of my blogs, but my Booger is only 21 months. If you pull my name, go ahead and pull someone else who has a teen or older kid. 😉

  4. Hi Jan, Thanks for your sweet words about Grayson on Dr. Phil. It is kind of interesting to hear all the different reactions. People are either for it or against it. We worry about Grayson because he loves to invent things and he is pretty brave, but he is also a smart boy with a good head on his shoulders and does use common sense and wisdom. I pray over him and trust that God is watching over him! I do not know why they did not use any of the footage of me in the hotel, it is kind of a bummer, but it really does not matter, it is now kind of a good joke thing!Take care! SharonP.S. My son loved the idea of selling the mattress of ebay!

  5. O.K. Do I still qualify if I’ve already won a book on your site? 🙂 I’m going for it anyway. I’d love to read this book and I’d be happy to link to your contest. You know this is my kind of stuff.

  6. I have a soon to be 6 year old and I know the time is coming soon that we will need to talk about this so I am in!

  7. Sounds like a great book. A friend was recently sharing with me her experiences with having the talk with her daughter.

The righteous person faces many troubles, but the Lord comes to the rescue each time. - Psalm 34:19

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