Colorado Christmas Storm 2007

I filmed this on the way to the movies Christmas Day. Don’t worry, my DH was driving while I was filming and we have 4 wheel drive. 🙂

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12 thoughts on “Colorado Christmas Storm 2007

  1. Deena – It was so beautiful. The last time it snowed for Christmas was Christmas eve in ’97. As you can see by the above photo, it was clear the night before the storm rolled in.Susan – This is actually the Southlands Mall in Aurora. Not a town, but it sure looks like one. It’s my favorite place to see movies and eat. I don’t do a lot of shopping here for some reason. It’s about 15 min down the highway from our house.

  2. I’m in CO, too, which means another snow storm today. YAY! I love it! Except, I have to go into Co Springs to pick up my son, coming from Denver. Unless he stays overnight in Denver. I’ll have to bookmark ya. Love to get to know other CO bloggers 🙂

  3. Beautiful video. I love to visit the snow. My daughter (who is home from CO for the Christmas Break) saw the storm on the news and just groaned. She has been enjoying balmy 50’s where we are.

  4. Thanks for the comments, Ton, Kay, and AGK. Hynson – We’ve been looking for some place to visit for out 25th anniversary this March (also one of the snowiest months – we were married during a blizzard) and are looking at the average temps for that time of the year first.Mel – you all should be getting some of this snow right now!

  5. Jan, So much snow. That is a sight we seldom see in my part of Texas. Just Beautiful.I love the wonderful book and the bookmark is so beautiful. Thanks so much for them as well as the card. I still can’t believe that I won your giveaway. It was so nice of you. I am still not feeling too well but I can’t wait to read the book. Thanks again so much. connie from TexasHope you and your family had a wonderful Christmas and have a great New Year, 2008!!

  6. Have you considered a cruise for your anniversary? My husband took me on one last year for my birthday. Because it is in an off season we were able to get a really good price. And, best of all, it’s still warm.L

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