My Simply Sensational Holiday Season

It all started with Thanksgiving, we did take-out from Mimi’s and it was delicious. Simplifying Thanksgiving was a breeze and much less work. So I decided to simplify the entire holiday season. I want to relax and enjoy the season more.

Every time I began to stress out when things weren’t being done, I did a ‘check.’

“I forgot I’m simplifying the holidays this year.”

That means the kids aren’t getting tons of gifts. It means that I didn’t make all my gifts and the bows to put on them. It means that I finished my shopping early because I’m buying less gifts. It means that we only put up half the lights on the house and I’m not going to stress about the rest. It means purposely cutting back on things that are going to take too much time or energy.

I did, however, make a few exceptions and learned from them. First mistake: I spent two days getting Christmas cards together. Second mistake: I spent an entire day managing Christmas lights. Next year, I’ll send photo cards with our names inscribed and I’ll put my lights away in working order or throw them out.

I’m having a huge crowd over for Christmas Eve and my mom wanted to know what I was serving for dinner. Without missing a beat I said, “Taco Bell.”

There was a pregnant silence before she said, “Oh.”

“Just kidding, Mom. But it will be something simple.”

I’m thinking Subway. They have those huge 6 foot subs. We had that at my son’s rehearsal dinner and it was really good. Whatever we do, it will be fun and simple.

What about you? What are you doing to simplify your festivities? Share your tips and idea’s so we can all learn from them.


12 thoughts on “My Simply Sensational Holiday Season

  1. Way to go, Jan! You DO sound relaxed. I did some similar things. I reduced the number of gifts to one per person, had them gift-wrapped at the mall while I go my haircut, sent gift cards to out-of-towners, decided to do potluck for Christmas dinner, and cleaned the house over a period of days, in little bit-sized chunks. I also did the unthinkable… scratched the Christmas cards. It was all worth it!!! Blessings,e-Mom

  2. eMom – I think many people are skipping the cards. I especially wanted to do the cards that included pictures of the kids weddings. I don’t think I’ve done cards for several years. It’s becoming obsolete.

  3. I gave up cards several years ago. They only irritated me. I’d rather call people anyway.I gave up doing all the baking myself. I gave up having to have everything “perfect”. I have been working on this in all areas of my life lately.

  4. I can relate to your post.My husband’s business has been slow and I was informed I had very little money for Christmas. So each person is getting one gift. It made shopping easier–Not to mention wrapping. I baked some gifts for a few co-workers.I send cards around New Year’s (responding only to those people that live far away…that I don’t normally see.)

  5. Kay said,”I gave up having to have everything “perfect”.” Trying to make everything perfect is just too stressful. Great thing to let go of.

  6. Though I enjoy making a huge meal at Thanksgiving, and felt very blessed to have my girls in the kitchen with me this year, the Christmas meal seems to push me over the stress ledge. I am taking a lesson from you ladies and making that meal much simpler this year. Maybe a honey baked ham with some cold salads and sides. My family isn’t impressed yet, but I think we cam make it memorable. Thanks for the ideas. L

  7. I dwindled down the number of cards I sent, started getting ready for the holiday earlier so I wouldn’t be stressed out, and we are having simple meals at our Christmas Eve and Christmas Day celebrations. Merry Christmas!

  8. Hynson- Hmm. Sounds like that might be a good idea too. It will be cold here so hot food would be more delicious.Dawn – I agree, simplify and getting ready earlier sure helps. Though I was stressed out because my goal was to have all the shopping done before Dec 1 and that was an unrealistic goal. I think I was done within the first week.

  9. Wow! I love how you have simplified your life and are enjoying everything more! I am still in the “Marth Stewart” stage, where I kind of want everything just so. Not to keep up with the Jones or to be fakey, but I really like how it all comes together and I am still helping make memories for my younger sons. The way I simplified this year was by taking a lot of time off from my job so that I had time to do everything! All that is left is baking goodies tomorrow and making a couple of salads on Monday. I am enjoying the season tremendously!Blessings to you and yours! Sharon

  10. I am like Susan, I haven’t figured out how to simplify. I do well,until the last week and then I realize all these things that should of or could of been done. Then I go into panic mode. LOL. Great post, it makes me ya!

The righteous person faces many troubles, but the Lord comes to the rescue each time. - Psalm 34:19

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