Enter to Win: Dream Talk by Katrina Wilson

Does God speak to you in your dreams? Want to learn even more about it? To enter this contest, comment on dreams or tell us about a dream you’ve had in the past. Drawing will be held on Jan 2nd @ 12 am.


12 thoughts on “Enter to Win: Dream Talk by Katrina Wilson

  1. my dreams are always very weird. One of may favorites was when I dreamed I saw Jesus. but the weird part was, we were in a bathroom…???A fun one was when I was making a movie with Chuck Norris.

  2. God has spoken to me in dreams over the years. But this year in particular, it has been more frequent. I think that dreams help us process things that we are going through in life. But that is just my thoughts…

  3. God has spoken to me in dreams many many times. He brings me answers, glimpses of what’s to come, solutions to life problems.One dream I have recurrently is trying to find my way thru a path and ending up in strange houses to go from point a to point b..and no one is ever mad at me for being in their home..even though I’m a stranger…WEIRD..

  4. Lesha – snakes usually represent Satan. No wonder you don’t like them. It can also represent craftiness or deception. Inspired – if you are facing a situation in which you are confused or stuck, ask God to give you direction in a dream. Ask him to help you remember it also.Kay- the bathroom usually represents cleansing. Ask God if there is something He needs to cleanse you of.Ton – I think God speaks to us in dreams about things we usually would not be open to hearing from others.Deena – a house usually represents your life. What room(s)are you in? There may be area’s in your life God is moving up for you to deal with now that you are stronger (adversity reaps strength). Doors represents entering into a new place spiritual or otherwise. This sounds like a dream where you are looking or searching for something. Is there something you are asking God and not getting an answer? Are you looking for purpose and meaning? God gave you that dream and He will reveal it’s meaning if you ask Him.

  5. Who needs the book when I have you as a friend Jan?! 😉 I’ll call you and you can interpret for me, k? lolSeriously, I’d love to read this. Please enter me to win…then draw my name. lolSorry…I’m in a mood. Way too many lol’s in my itty bitty comment!

  6. My dreams are usually prophetic. Actual conversations that happen up to 13 years later. Weird.When I get a recurring dream, you better believe I pay attention. They are messages that I can’t ignore.I could really use this book, please put my name in the hat.Thanks!

  7. I have very vivid dream, especially when I am pregnant. I am intrigued about your book. Hope I win!I found you on Monday thru Sunday’s blog. I will be back :)Katie

  8. I dream all the time. When I was a kid I would actually act them out and sleep walk. One time I dreamed I was running outside to play and when I woke I was in the front yard. Or when I was learning to dive, that night I dreamed I dove and found myself on the floor with a very bad headache. Have not had those type of dreams for a very long time though..lol.

  9. OHHHHH!I so want to win this book…I have a Christian dream book that is about 10 years old, but would love to have another one-as so often God speaks to me in dreams. Actually he has since I was a wee girl (I think the first I remember was when I was about 4).Thanks for putting me in ;-)hugsKimmiemama to 6one homemade and 5 adopted

  10. The other night I dreamed I was telling my Pastor’s wife off! It was very odd because I don’t tell people off and she would be the past person I would ever want to tell off. I woke up praying and asking God if there were any feelings in my heart or issues that needed to be dealt with …It was odd. ((Hugs))

The righteous person faces many troubles, but the Lord comes to the rescue each time. - Psalm 34:19

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