And The Winners Are…

I’d like to thank everyone for entering my drawing and posting your encouraging comments about gift giving. Please go back and read the comments, you’ll be glad you did. Each winner was drawn randomly.

The Winners Are
First prize: Connie’s Thoughts From The Heart My favorite way to give is to give something and not tell who it is from. I love watching people receive and wonder who gave such or such to them. It is a real blessing for me. I think so many times the Lord gives to me and I stop and wonder why He is so good to me. Connie from Texas”

Second Prize: Robbie Iobst “Every year I give a “grace” gift. Since I can’t afford to give all the expensive things I would love to, and I simply don’t have the time or patience to make everyone gifts, I choose one person each year and really try to do something special for them. Often the Lord surprises me with my choice. This year, I am making a special album for a friend of mine’s mother. My friend lost her memory in a boating accident when she was 25. It has been twenty years of rehab and learning to walk and write. But she still doesn’t remember her childhood or me, her best childhood friend. So I am giving her and her mom an album, sort of scrapbooked, with pictures and stories of things we did when we were in school. It has been so wonderful for me as I look back and time and thank God for a wonderful friend and a great childhood. It truly is better to give and receive!”

Third Prize: Susan Kelly SkittWe gave a few toys to a little boy at our church who is being raised by his grandmother. The family doesn’t have very much and live in a small apartment in Philadelphia. His grandmother said, “Oh, he loves that little car. He carries it everywhere!” What a joy to know such a small thing can make such a big difference in a little boy’s life.”

Thank you all for participating. Stay tuned for my next drawing.
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5 thoughts on “And The Winners Are…

  1. I am so excited to have won! It was a wonderful surprise. I really liked this contest, it made me think how many times that I get things and have to think, I know this is from God but it is always such a blessing. I know this is from God and it is a blessing that He used you to do it for me. It is very special. Thanks a lot. connie from Texas

  2. congratulations to the winners..P.sthe photo of every one smiling in sandals was taken at the back end of summer before school started again:]

  3. Thanks so much ladies and gentlemen. I really enjoyed this one too. God inspires I just try and listen. 🙂 Thanks Flea for stopping over.

The righteous person faces many troubles, but the Lord comes to the rescue each time. - Psalm 34:19

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