What to Get Your Wife For Christmas

1. $30 – Abalone Chandelier earrings from Silver Safari

2. $12- Starbuck’s Green or Pink Glitter thermos mug

3. $199- Cherry wood jewelry case – JCPenny’s

4. Soft slippers with lots of padding and non skid soles

5. $10 – Camera case, black, Best Buy

6. $20 ea – Lennox serving fork, knife, spoon, cake server, Macy’s

7. $5-$75 Chandelier Earrings 2” or longer – no longer than 4”

8. $39.99 Ipod clock radio JCPenny Catalog #X6839055

9. $99.99 Ipod speaker with surround sound, JCPenny #683-9015

10. Starbucks gift card

11. $10 – Josh Groben – Noel CD, Amazon

12. $10.39 – Searching For Spice by Megan DiMaria (Amazon- just click the button to the right on my blog)

13. $7-$12 Spiral bound journals

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And Check out What Not To Get For Your Wife For Christmas here.


14 thoughts on “What to Get Your Wife For Christmas

  1. We have a local drive-thru only coffee place called “Caffinety”. A gift crad there might work. We both already have the Eddie Bauer stainless travel mugs. They are great! Thanks for the ideas and thank you for stopping by “BrainFreeze”. Come back anytime.Happy TT.

  2. Great gift ideas. But I’d have to invest in a wife first and that’d be really expensive!Thanks for visiting my Thursday Thirteen #59 13 Photos Left in My Digital Camera.

  3. What a pleasant surprise to find my book on your wish list. Thanks!I wish you posted a photo of the abalone chandelier earrings. What do they look like? They sound very cool. A prisoner of hope,Megan

  4. Inspired- I am all about starbucks. 🙂 But it’s such a great place to meet my BFF’s and no one has to vacuum first.drilleraa – what a great name for a coffee stop. I have 3 thermal mugs but they’re wearing out so I can always use more. dawn- you can use the email tab at the end of the post. On second thought, better send him over and ask him to look at last weeks list of what not to get.:) dane- wives are expensive unless you find a rich one, but think of all the rewards :).Kay – the red ones are nice too. Megan – the earring picture didn’t turn out very well. But they are cool. I’ll send you a photo. Me thinks they are too big for your petite frame but your daughters might like them – though they are also petite.

  5. See, wives aren’t hard to please, are they? LOLI never ask for much, if anything, at Christmas. I’m happier getting it all through the year. 😉

  6. These are wonderful gifts! I know I would love the gift certs to any big stores and music (I adore Josh Groban!). Thanks for visiting my blog! Will enter your contest 🙂

  7. Wendy – good point. Just a little gifts here and there are nice. :)I see we are all on the same page with Josh. Have you heard O Holy Night. Good stuff. Okay, this is really my Christmas list. :)But I think most of it appeals to every woman.

  8. I’ll take #’s 2, 7, 10, 11, 12, and 13 please…together in a big basket…along with a Big Lots gift card. LOLYou ever thought of being a personal shopper or is this your personal list for Greg?

  9. Niki – just email the list to Benny. 🙂 Yes, have done some personal shopping before – I mean work as a personal shopper. I was even thinking about starting a business but God had other plans.

  10. This is a great list! I always say “useful is no good” when it comes to women at Christmas. That’s a pretty good rule of thumb, but my husband is not quite buying it yet. 🙂 He got me a new diamond for my wedding ring last Christmas, which was wonderful and surprising! He thinks he can’t top that, so he’s off the hook now, ha ha! :)I think this year it’s furniture for both of us, and I won’t complain. But I do love the totally unnecessary girlie stuff! (That’s what sisters are for!)

The righteous person faces many troubles, but the Lord comes to the rescue each time. - Psalm 34:19

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