Photo Chat

I love to take pictures of the sky as the sun is setting. I’m in awe when I look up at the heavens and I see God’s handiwork.

“Wow Lord, you did all of this just for our enjoyment? Thank you!”

Over 70% of my pictures are of the sky and clouds. We have some awesome sunsets here.

I use a little Nikon Coolpix L6. I like it because it’s small, and I can tuck it in my purse. We bought it before Christmas last year. The one downside is that is the delay when I shoot a photo. It flashes about 5 times and then captures the photo. I miss a lot of good shots with my grand dogs and candid shoots I would have captured if there were less delay. My son has the same camera but not the same issue and he tells me I need a larger memory card. One more thing to add to my list of things to do before Christmas.

One other minor issue, the flash is too bright, causing some overexposure. Is there a way to adjust this? Please give me some feedback. I know I have some great photographers popping over here now and again.

My DH has a Cannon camcorder/camera and it doesn’t seem to have my delay problems. He can also zoom in close (35X optical zoom) and it has a remote photo control. We love this feature, especially when taking family photos – no rushing to get back in the picture before the camera goes off. We can also adjust the screen so we can see how it will look before we snap it with the remote. This camera is new and we are still learning all the features. We haven’t figured out how to download video yet. Thank God for our son, who helps us motivate through some of this technology.

What type of camera are you using for Christmas photos this year? Do you think a memory card will solve my delay problem?


16 thoughts on “Photo Chat

  1. Hey Jan!I use a Nikon D50, which is a digital SLR camera. We bought it when we found out we were getting Kyle. I had an old Sony which took almost as long as your camera, to snap a shot. It could be the shutter. I doubt the card will speed it up. The card only stores images. Love the sky photo. My photo weakness is my son and the mountains.

  2. My hubby has a great digital camera. I don’t even know what it is off the top of my head. It used to not have a delay and now it does. I think it’s a setting. There are so many buttons and do-hickies on that thing, I’m afraid to touch it! But I do.I just use my Pentax regular film camera most of the time. Unless I see something I want to post on my blog right away.

  3. Some of my pictures I’ve taken with my blackberry (the dog ones on the grand dog post)and those turn out pretty well. I’m not sure about the resolution but they look good on my blog.

  4. Hi Darcie – good to see you!This is new and is a 5 or 6 mega pixel. Not sure what or if that effects it or not. Kay – I just want a simple camera that works and I don’t have to hassle with much. This is like that except the shutter speed is annoying.

  5. I’ve never heard of the delay being caused by a memory card. Like D said, it only stores the images. It could be a setting. If it has a red eye light, that can do it. The parameters of the focus (where it is trying to focus) can be a problem. I don’t know if that is adjustable on yours. Low battery power makes my focus slowly. Drives me nuts. Do you have a good photography shop near you? If so, they will usually help you out. BTW, I don’t mean Wolf Camera either. I mean a really good place that has professionals that can look and make sure the camera is working correctly. We have one here, and we love those folks. I’ll ask Rob and see if he has any other ideas.Nearly forgot!BEAUTIFUL PICTURE!!!Making notes: Girlfriend project at Tonya’s with coffee and girlfriends. Walk in the snow and take pictures with Tonya.Sit with coffee and take pictures with Jan.I’m so going to love it when I finally get to visit.

  6. Okay, I’ll burst everyone’s bubble. Someone told me we have such beautiful sunsets because of pollution. At least it looks good. A prisoner of hope,Megan

  7. Hi Jerri – Good to have you back. 🙂 I can’t wait for you to come out. Megan – I’m hoping that someone was wrong. I prefer to think it’s the altitude.Danica – What? I just got this last Christmas. I’m not getting a new one!

  8. hi jan i’m not sure about shutter speeds but we use a cannon iXUS 750 and we still can’t figure out most of it but i find automatic mode helps simplify the complicated. :]of course macro and night shot mode is needed for certain shots. :]

  9. Jan, make sure there is no condensation on the lens or any other particle it is having to work around. When I shot pictures at the beach once, the camera was so cold from being in the camper that the moisture kept condensing on the lens and making the lens wig out.

  10. The memory card does seem to help as I transfered my sons into mine and it sped things up. I am also going to get some rechargeable batteries as the camera just seems to suck the batteries dry in a week or two. I will get for gunk on the lens. I thought keeping the camera in my purse would be enough but it will turn itself on in there so I will have to get a case for it as well. This is an expensive hobby! I think I will take Jerri’s advice and go down to the camera store. Inspired – I noticed when I have it on auto that my mom and I are all washed out. That is where the brighter flash issue comes in. Granted, the pale skin and blonde or white hair doesn’t help. I think it reflects more.

  11. Wow Jan! I know nothing about photography – I need the idiot proof, point and shoot cameras. But my friend, this picture is STUNNING! LOVE it! Keep them coming!

  12. Niki – this was taken from my back yard. I love the views I get here. The neighbors dogs get all confused cause I hang the camera up on the fence for stability.I could use a tripod but usually I am in the kitchen cooking dinner and then I run upstairs to grab my camera before the sky gets dark. I miss working out in the yard until 8.

  13. I will get with you, Jan.I have a D70 and love it. I am looking at the D300 or D3 from Nikon. As one who makes their living from behind the lens. I think a lot people see pictures in books and on tv and think they can take that shot too. What they don’t realize is that it takes lenses and special equipment to get most of them. But I didn’t know that till I started. But normally with a good lens and a decent flash most people can take some great shots.

  14. Niki- taking sky pictures is a spiritual experience. I love to see what God is going to do each night. Now sunrises I’m not up to see – usually. ;)I think I saw a few this year though.Ton – alas, my camera is not compatible with lens changes. It is for the people like me who know nothing about photography.

The righteous person faces many troubles, but the Lord comes to the rescue each time. - Psalm 34:19

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