Rolling in the Isles with Anita Renfroe

Sharen Watson, Anita Renfroe, Jan Parrish

What could be better than chocolate, coffee and comedy? Tickets went on sale two months ago and sold out several weeks ago.

I laughed so hard my jaw hurt. (Really! First time for everything). I also had a sore throat from whooping and I broke a blood vessel in my hand clapping. I’m OK today though. If you have a chance to see Anita Renfroe, you should definitely go. I’ve never enjoyed a comedian more.

I learned all about my PURSONALITY. Yes, my purse reflects my personality. Isn’t that what it’s all about? Because of this, apparently I’m the one most likely to land her friends in jail (Heather was relieved it wasn’t her). Just for the record, I have no record. Oddly, I have lived 43 years without being arrested or seeing the inside of a jail cell. On the upside, the party doesn’t start until I arrive. Now how does that work if it’s at my house? I’m just saying…

Another interesting tidbit we learned was that after a mammogram, coffee and chocolate fluffs ‘the girls.’ I guess it was just instinctual. We didn’t know there was a medical reason! I wonder if I can get my insurance to foot the Starbucks tab? I mean, it’s medicinal!


3 thoughts on “Rolling in the Isles with Anita Renfroe

  1. It sounds like a fabulous night! I love her song about moms…..too funny! How blessed to be able to have a fun evening with girlfriends! Hugs, Sharon

The righteous person faces many troubles, but the Lord comes to the rescue each time. - Psalm 34:19

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