Christmas Book Drawing!

Congratulations Melanie, you won lasts week book contest: Demon a Memoir!
Our next contest will have three separate prizes. First prize: Even Now by Karen Kingsberry (HB) & velvet locket bookmark. Second prize: Sleeping Beauty by Judy Baer & golden Christmas house pin. Third Prize: Little Miss Matchmaker by Dana Corbit & folksy snowman pin.
To enter this contest, post a personal comment about joy you received while giving. Contest winners will be posted on Sunday, December 15th, 2007.


18 thoughts on “Christmas Book Drawing!

  1. I’m not entering the contest, I alread have the Kingbury book, but I wanted to say congratulations to Mel. She won the book give-away on my blog, too!Actually, she is one of my dearest friends, so I’m so glad she won. Maybe she’ll loan it to me when she’s finished with it :)If you want to bring this to me on Tuesday I can give it to her. I will probably be seeing her on Friday.

  2. I Just wanted to say.. that giving is much better than receiving..I had a picture of something I had made posted on my blog that someone liked and I am making her one..It is MY pleasure to be able to gift something to her.I love Karen Kingbury, but I just won one of your pleasedon’t put me in this drawing..Let’s give others a chance LOL..Deena

  3. I love the looks on children faces when they receive what they really wanted but did not think they would get. What joy comes to remember that Jesuse came to us as a baby.

  4. Is it weird to say that I often hate recieving (mind you a contest winning is different LOL). But seriously. I often dislike objects for myself. During Christmas, I would much rather watch as my family opened the gifts I gave them instead of unwrapping my own.During our whole marriage I’ve loved to surprise the hubby with giving him things. Once, he worked at a record store and put things away so he could buy them later. I went to his work and secretly bought out his stash and had his boss convince him that someone else took it all. The next morning, I had each gift individually wrapped and the look on his face was worth the HUGE amount of effort put in.We don’t have kids of our own yet, but I can’t wait for Christmas and Birthdays to come around so I can do more for other family members, and pass along this tradition of giving to my children.

  5. I feel joy every time I give. My street kids are sometimes grateful for what they receive, and sometimes have an air of expectancy and entitlement. It can be irritating, but then I remember that it’s not just about them…it’s about me. If I give of myself cheerfully, they may just follow my example someday and give of themselves as well. God doesn’t tell me to give because I’ll receive something in return, but I have found that I can’t give WITHOUT receiving something in return. It feels good to give.

  6. Thank you Kay for such kind words…and Jan for having the opportunity to win such a book. Our Christmas will be small on gifts this year…so I count it as one of my Christmas gifts…Thank you.

  7. We gave a few toys to a little boy at our church who is being raised by his grandmother. The family doesn’t have very much and live in a small apartment in Philadelphia. His grandmother said, “Oh, he loves that little car. He carries it everywhere!” What a joy to know such a small thing can make such a big difference in a little boy’s life.

  8. My favorite way to give is to give something and not tell who it is from. I love watching people recieve and wonder who gave such or such to them. It is a real blessing for me. I think so many times the Lord gives to me and I stop and wonder why He is so good to me. connie from TexasThanks for this opportunity. I found you by way of Susan Kelly skitt.

  9. i gave a 4 year old asylum seeker, who is here with his mother, a Dr who sonic screwdriver. his face was a picture of surprise and awe. He now often calls me daddy which can be a bit eye brow raising.. :]

  10. Giving is way better than receiving! This past Halloween my kids and I had fun secretly giving Boo Bags to our friends and family. My 5-year-old thought it was great to sneak up on someones porch while they were home and leave a gift. The best thing about all this is that I later heard about our Booers booing others. I love when generosity spreads!

  11. I get the joyment of being the giver, because it far more priceless than seeing my family, a friends or sweet child opening their gifts and their eyes lighten up to see the unexpected gifts that they have always wanted the most in the world 🙂

  12. I love to get my kids something totally unexpected. Yes, they have a lot of stuff like most kids and I try to keep Christmas simple, but I love their excited shrills when they get something they really, really wanted, but were not expecting in the least. Also, I love it when I feel like I’ve given a meaningful gift that the recipient truly appreciates. One year for Christmas I gave my dad a scrapbook full of pictures of his, at the time, only grandbaby. He loved it as any grandpa would, I’m sure.

  13. Last night my husband and I were surprised that our assumption that we were receiving a service turned in to an act of giving. The Denver chapter of ACFW (HIS Writers) had their Christmas party. We needed someone to watch our beautiful baby boy (an amazing adoption story). A retired couple in our church became enamored with Kyle when he was a wee infant. Each week they visit him in the church nursery. A few weeks ago, they left a note saying they are willing and available to babysit whenever we need it. Last week I called them since people’s availability is limited this time of year. They jumped at the chance. When we arrived home, John and I expressed our thanks over and over to them for doing us a great service. What was so surprising was that they THANKED us. They told us that spending time with Kyle blessed them and was something they looked forward to all week long. Come to find out, the woman is an adoptive mom too! Her kids are now in the 20’s, but she understands the whole “adoption thing” and was blessed and filled by time with Kyle. I look at getting people to care for my son as receiving on my part, but more and more people are telling me they receive so much from this miracle child.Sorry for being so long winded, Jan. But that’s what happened! 🙂

  14. Every year I give a “grace” gift. Since I can’t afford to give all the expensive things I would love to, and I simply don’t have the time or patience to make everyone gifts, I choose one person each year and really try to do something special for them. Often the Lord surprises me with my choice. This year, I am making a special album for a friend of mine’s mother. My friend lost her memory in a boating accident when she was 25. It has been twenty years of rehab and learning to walk and write. But she still doesn’t remember her childhood or me, her best childhood friend. So I am giving her and her mom an album, sort of scrapbooked, with pictures and stories of things we did when we were in school. It has been so wonderful for me as I look back and time and thank God for a wonderful friend and a great childhood. It truly is better to give and receive!

  15. Shopping for my kids is the best. Chuck and I did our Christmas shopping this last Sunday and we both squealed in delight hoping that they would love what we bought them.

  16. I think giving is hard-wired into who I am. My kids have learned to enjoy giving, so much so that they wanted to give half of the money we spend on them at Christmas to feed families in India. Giving is like breathing almost. And I consider giving a spiritual gift – not really me, but the opportunity to let the Holy Spirit use me in other people’s lives.It’s not a proud thing – I get myself into trouble all the time with it (when it’s just me and not God). I’ve had to learn giving rules over the years: never give away a gift given by a loved one; don’t give away grocery money unless God is really prompting it; don’t give away other family members’ stuff. Oops.But the best giving has probably been the times when no one knows it’s me. I gave a friend in dire need some cash in an envelope, through the church, her name in block letters. She had no idea who it was from, started crying, then called to tell me about the person who gave her grocery money for the week. It was so much fun to play dumb and just rejoice with her!

  17. Thank you all for your wonderful comments about the joy of giving. The winners are as follows: 1st- Connie’s Thoughts From The Heart, 2n’d -Robbie Iobst, 3r’d- Susan Kelly Skitt.

The righteous person faces many troubles, but the Lord comes to the rescue each time. - Psalm 34:19

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