Thursday Thirteen #4

After all the Christmas shopping and decorating, I thought we could use a little light-hearted meme.

Thirteen Things Not To Get Your Wife for Christmas

1. Cha-cha-cha Chia pet


3. Diet Book

4. 75 piece tool set

5. Vacuum

6. Gym Membership

7. Santa Pot holders

8. Power Tools

9. C3PO head – even if it is filled with M&M’s.

This is a real item I found while shopping with friends!

10. Giant plastic Elvis Guitar filled with popcorn

Another actual item I discovered!

11. Things you want her to wear

12. Jingle Bell Earnings

13. Big Lots Gift Card

Did I miss some? Join the fun and make your own list.

Disclaimer: My Dh has not purchased any of these terrible items for me.


17 thoughts on “Thursday Thirteen #4

  1. But Jan, don’t you know that Elvis is still alive? LOL. Diet books, good one. I have joined with you, now if I can only some how get my family to read my list…

  2. Ha ha!!If I could eat chocolate, I would accept anything filled with m&ms! Even R2D2 — I mean C3PO.BTW, your html is showing.

  3. One year I actually ASKED my mom-in-law for a diet book. I got it. It was a Christian perspective, and there is a whole series. I was losing weight back then (have gained it all back, and each pound brought friends!) and I really wanted it.But, Dear Hubby didn’t buy it. I asked for other things from him.This year, I would accept power tools. But, like any girl, I would prefer jewelry.

  4. Too funny girl! Hmmm, what could I add to that list? Maybe pots and pans? Can get those any old day! (unless of course they are asked for…)And Inspired, I’m glad you’re listening fine sir. Your wife will be very pleased!

  5. Hey, Jan, I have five blankets and three pairs of hand warmers. I need to get an address to send them to. Please send the address to my email:mychelf@hotmail.comThanks.

  6. I’d love a Big Lots gift card! They have a great leather chaise lounge chair that I want. ($300) Don’t know where I’d put it, but I want it anyway. As for what NOT to buy your wife…pajamas that are 2 sizes too small…he was VERY apologetic. 😉

  7. This reminds me of the Simpsons episode where Homer bought Marge a bowling ball for her birthday … personalized with his own name. Out of spite, she took up bowling!Great list!

  8. Ton – send it to them. Seriously. LOLKay – I’ll tell your DH you are OK with the Elvis one then. ;)Chelf – My MIL actually bought me a scale for Christmas. I was talking about getting one and… I couldn’t take offense, she’s old and doesn’t get it.Tools are great if they are for your use and not his. Inspired – thanks for stopping by. Last year my dh bought me a vacuum right before the holidays and surprised me with it, though it wasn’t wrapped and he told me over and over again it was not a gift, it was a tool. :)Hi eMom – just breaking into the Christmas spirit.Susan – I though about that but there are some really good Celphalon ones that I’d like. I wouldn’t complain about them.Mommy the maid – Google Santa potholders. I think they are on eBay.David – Stay tuned. I’ll help you out next week with good things to get. Niki – I’d say just stay away from any type of clothing unless it’s already selected. Too big or too small – both are major blunders.Did everyone hear that? Buy Niki gift cards to Big Lots. That is where the Elvis guitar and C3PO gifts are – if you’re lucky, you can get several before they sell out. Chelf – I’m sure DH was afraid to buy a diet book. j.m. – that is too funny. Some of the major stores have personal shoppers. I would recommend that for the severely challenged husband. Or, just call her sister or daughter, she will know what to get.Hi Paula – yeah, the jingle bell earrings weren’t too bad but all that noise in my ear would drive me crazy. Heather – Mmmmm. There was that man at Starbucks. LOL. I wonder if Ton got his number.

  9. Hi jan thanks to SIDHARTH of TWJ Ministries and SUSAN.K.S. i’ve been able to post a short version of my testimony on my other blog NE29 :]

  10. I’ll accept gift cards from ANYWHERE thank you very much! 🙂 Even Home Depot has stuff I’d like. Maybe if I didn’t like stuff so much…

  11. What awful gifts and too funny! The only gift I might want is the vacuum because mine is making me so mad right now. Can you believe some of the weird things they try to sell now? Like an Elvis guitar filled with popcorn???? Smiles ~ Sharon

The righteous person faces many troubles, but the Lord comes to the rescue each time. - Psalm 34:19

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