The Feast

I made the mistake of stepping on the scale this morning. Dumb, dumb, dumb. I should have waited until Sunday, when the leftovers are gone.

We had a smart Thanksgiving this year. We ordered our meal from Mimi’s and took it home in a big box. We still had to cook it, but it was amazingly delicious. Except for the cornbread stuffing, which I knew we wouldn’t like so I made stuffing on Wednesday.

This fabulous idea came to me when we went to Mimi’s to celebrate Breast Friends. We saw a stack of decorative boxes piled up in the foyer with a sign about the Thanksgiving Feast take out. “I am soooo doing that!” I declared.

Last year we had a big crowd for Thanksgiving. Our four kids were here, my parents, my MIL, Greg and I. My MIL had a gallbladder attack and was incapacitated, but my son and DIL came early to help mash the potatoes. After three days of cooking on that hard ceramic tile floor I was beat. To make matter worse, hot flashes forced me to take a shower between dinner and desert. Let’s just say, I didn’t want to repeat last year, so I hopped on the Mimi’s bandwagon.

Wednesday night, after we went to dinner and a movie, we picked up our Feast for the following day. It had a 12 lb turkey, 3 lbs homemade mashed potatoes, 3 lbs cornbread stuffing, fresh cranberry relish, 2 pints gravy, 3 lbs sweet potatoes, 3lbs fresh broccoli and carrots, a pumpkin pie, whip cream, and sweet bread. All I had to do was re-heat everything. What a time and back saver that was. After calibrating the cost of groceries, I think we saved money.

My most favorite part of thanksgiving is not the meal itself, but the leftovers. I love, love cold turkey sandwiches with cranberries and stuffing. It is one of my most favorite things. My second favorite part of the holiday is Thanksgiving casserole. I invented it one year when I got tired of taking all the ingredients from their individual containers and heating them up.

Jan’s Thanksgiving Casserole



In a 9 X 13 pan, layer stuffing to cover the bottom. Pour gravy over the stuffing- just enough to cover. Next, layer small pieces of turkey (use up the dark meat no one will eat in sandwiches), top it off with mashed potatoes. Cover with foil and cook at 325 for about 1 hour – or until heated throughout. Serve with cranberries, green beans and rolls. Be sure and have some additional gravy as well. When frozen, defrost or allow a longer cooking time. I froze one for Christmas Eve.


10 thoughts on “The Feast

  1. What a great idea! And it sounds delicious. My favorite part of the food is the turkey, dressing, and cranberries, together. I love the rest, too, but those 3 items ARE thanksgiving, as far as feasting is concerned. I’ve often wondered what a turkey, dressing, and cranberry sandwich might taste like… but your little casserole is a better idea. Ease makes everything taste better. Especially leftovers. :)I am SO, so tired after a week of travel, cooking, eating, and being out of routine. We undecorated from fall and pulled out the Christmas stuff today. It’s so hard to believe another fall has come and gone. I can’t seem to catch up! Now that it’s all glowing and sparkly around here, it’s time to sit back and enjoy, I think. Happy holiday time to you!

  2. You don’t like corn bread dressing? I love it, love it! Tonight I am having a turkey sandwich and some corn bread dressing on the side. We saw Enchanted on Thanksgiving and loved it so much. The chipmunk was hysterical! The little things in life are such sweet gifts from Abba Daddy, aren’t they? Like sitting at Panera reading your blog! Love you!

  3. It sure sounds like you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. What a great idea to order it and not go through all that work. Thanks for the recipe!Lori

  4. I think doing Thanksgiving dinner the way you did is an excellent idea!! You eat in your own home, you have leftovers (my family would agree that the cold turkey sandwiches are the best part!) and your casserole sounds so easy and so good!!Glad you came to visit me!

  5. What a great idea to order your dinner! It must have been so nice and relaxing for you and I bet it still made your house smell good! I’ll have to try your caserole recipe, it sounds wonderful! Thank you for the great support and advice on my blog today, I feel so much better. The sadness lifted and I had a very good day. I think I do have some issues down deep with empty nest syndrome, but I thought I had that taken care of, maybe not! I will keep seeking the Lord through this!Bless you! Sharon

  6. I enjoyed hearing about your Thanksgiving meal! In fact, you’re making me hungry.Your Thanksgiving casserole sounds easy to make…and delicious!

  7. Jennifer, you are right. Turkey, dressing, cranberries, if those three items are present, the rest is all gravy. LOL.I know we are not the only tired women out there. What 4 day weekend? 🙂 Robbie – I grew up in the here in Midwest. I think it’s all what you are used to. Gramma always made bread stuffing – so that’s what I want on T-day.Lori – I’m so glad the fam went for it. I think they’d rather have a happy mom/wife than all the home made stuff. Sheery – let me know if you try the casserole. I think you’ll really like it.Sharon – try to live in the moment since they are still there. But I understand completely. I thin the new puppy will be a big help.Sharon Lynn – I know. It’s 1am here and the left overs are calling me but I’m not listening. 🙂

  8. Excellent idea..and you still have leftovers..I love the cranberry relish ON the about you???do you put dressing on it too???hummmm sounds GOODfondly, Deena

  9. Deena – Cranberries on the sandwich as well as dressing. Also, it must be cold. I’ve done this for years. It is wonderful. Good morning Inspired. 🙂

The righteous person faces many troubles, but the Lord comes to the rescue each time. - Psalm 34:19

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