My Grandchildren Are Pets

Blame the refrigerator magnet on my mom – she bought it. I thought it was hysterical. After all, my grandchildren are pets.

This is Diva – She is a Lab-sharpee mix. She is about 2 and belongs to my daughter and SIL.

Duke is a Yorkee. He is wearing the Santa suit we bought him for Christmas. Also my daughter and SIL’s. We are overindulgent, but isn’t it cute?

Cleo dressed up as a dog for Halloween. She is hard to get standing still and hard to photograph because she is so dark. She is about 9 months old.

Cleo, short for Cleopatra, belongs to my son and DIL.
She is actually a cog (part dog, part cat). In other words, she acts like a dog. She will play fetch and runs to greet you when you come in. Great cat.

Presents we bought for the grandpets for Christmas – this ends when actual grandchildren are here.

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13 thoughts on “My Grandchildren Are Pets

  1. I have to giggle, because my cousins are all pets. None of my mom or dad’s siblings had children…but they had lots of dogs and birds!! 🙂 Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  2. Very funny. I have a niece who is a dog. Granted, she doesn’t get to dress up much. Part of that whole nudist movement, I’m afraid.

  3. Jan, you are hilarious! This is why I love you! I can’t wait to see when grandkids do come along. LOL You will be the best Grandma Jan ever!!!

  4. Too cute! We have an orange cat that behaves just like “people.” But I’m not ready for grandkids quite yet! (Our daughter is being married this summer… the first wedding in our family.) :~D

  5. Oh, that is so cute! Too funny about the grandpets! I love it! They are very cute animals! It is so funny that you got them all little presents, just like a real grandma!Have a beautiful Thanksgiving! :0) Sharon

  6. Pips, thanks for stopping by. Momma roar- but do you buy your ‘cousins’ clothes?Patois- my SIL says “Diva is a real dog so she can only accessorize, Duke is a toy.”jams – everyone loves animals. Thanks for stopping by.Ton – I fear it may be some time before the real gandbabies come. Meanwhile, I’m having fun with these little cuties.Chuck – your comments on Ton’s blog had me ROTFL. You are a hoot.Natalie – 🙂 I know. It could be worse, I could hound the kids about getting pregnant as I’ve seen other overly anxious parents do. The kids got married this summer and I know that’s too soon.Frigga – wait until you see the reindeer costume I got her for Christmas!eMom – Wow. Congrats. Yeah, give them a little time. 🙂 Megan – LOL. Wait ’til you see the foofy outfit I’m getting Sharen’s dog. Sharon – wait ’til you see the reindeer outfit I got Cleo for Christmas. We had her open it ahead of time so she can wear it and be festive. Deena – (((h)))

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